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Can we take wine to new year party for host without telling them in advance?

For one of my question I got answer that it will be insulting to host and now I am very confused. Should I take wine or just happy new year greeting card. There was no specific conversation about food or wine with host. They just gave us invite.

Thank you.

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8 Responses to “Can we take wine to new year party for host without telling them in advance?”

  1. hypno_toad1 said:

    Unless they’ve told you they don’t drink, wine is a perfectly acceptable host gift to bring.

  2. Martha Y said:

    is 0k to bring a bottle of wine as a gift but don’t be disappointed if they do not open the wine

  3. BBG said:

    Wine is a very traditional and appropriate host/hostess gift unless they do not allow alcohol in their home.

    Just remember, there is a difference between presenting them with the wine as a gift for future consumption and bringing wine expecting them to serve it to you in place of what THEY had planned to serve. 🙂

  4. greentea said:

    Like another answer said, unless you know they do not drink, then a bottle of wine is perfectly fine. In fact it would be rude to ask if you should bring wine. Believe me I have had this happen to me and I found it extremely rude that someone would ASK whether they should bring wine or not. Due to my having been brought up with manners, I felt I had to decline the offer – and this person came empty handed to my dinner party that I had slaved on for 2 days.

    The wine is supposed to be a thank you gift to the host, and therefore you should not ask if you should bring it.

  5. connie said:

    Absolutely! or champagne is great too because that is what people toast with at midnight! a fifteen $-$30 dollar bottle of champagne (not pink)…not extra dry.
    any alcohol is good to bring, a nice bottle of whatever you know your host drinks is good too.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Zelda said:

    If you ask first it sounds like you think the party is a potluck and the hosts want people to bring food and drinks. This could be considered mildly insulting at worst. But if you just bring a bottle of wine then it is a host/hostess gift and it is perfectly acceptable, Just don’t be surprised or offended if they don’t serve the wine at the party. After all they already have the menu planned and the food and beverages prepared.

  7. wyomugs said:

    Bringing a gift of a bottle of wine to ANY party is not an insult… only if you KNOW that the hosts are not wine drinkers. Then, a bottle of non-alcholic, sparkling “juice” is quite fine. You don’t need a “happy new year” greeting card, either. I’ve never heard of that.

    The invitation you received was an invitation to have YOU attend their festivities. It is not a request for ANY sort of gift giving. They want YOU there. If you bring a gift, that’s YOUR choice.

    If you do decide to bring a bottle of wine, when you arrive, hand it quietly to the host(ess), saying, “This is a little something for you and your husband/wife for later. Just put it to the side for now! LET’S PARTY!”

    Have a polite day.

  8. Nacy said:

    just do it.


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