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Can anoyone recommend a good recipe for a Valentines Day Dinner???

My husband and I are really on a shoestring budget right now and it is looking more and more like we will have to do Valentines Dinner at home.

In the past we have always opted to go out for V-Day (partly because neither one of us wants to get stuck with a pile of dishes on Valentines Day)…

Anway, I am wondering if anyone has any great ideas/recipes for a Valentine’s Dinner…The ingredients would have to be something not to expensive also…

Any positive input appreciated!!!

P.S.- I am a pretty good cook when I have the time, so it doesn’t have to be too simple…I’m just looking for something interesting and different than a regular weeknight’s meal.

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18 Responses to “Can anoyone recommend a good recipe for a Valentines Day Dinner???”

  1. Corrine L said :

    The food is important but the atmosphere needs to be given attention to detail. Set the table with your best china and cutlery. Put on some nice Music, and if you have some candles, light them too.

    With the mood set, you could put anything from Mexican to Italian on and it wont matter. Good Luck. I hope you enjoy your valentines day.

  2. MADLYNN said :

    Heart Shaped pizza from Papa Romanos. Get 2 cuz their a little small.

  3. sarahlanhua7 said :

    The first thing that popped into my mind ….was Spaghetti …WHY??….. because it’s V-day ….u can eat it TOGETHER ….one end of the noodle in ur mouth and the other in his …….slurp together and BOOM …nice juicy kiss ! Cute, sweet and romantic!!
    Might help you give ur relationship some more spark and fire !!
    Also …for desert …make him a sweet cupcake with his initials on it !! Good luck and Happy Valentines Day to you both !! : )

  4. Sweet n Sour said :

    There is a type of cake called Red Velvet cake, which is really chocolate, but it’s got some red food coloring in it to make it richly red. That would be a great dessert!

    Or else there is a little recipe that we around here like to call “Better than Sex” cake.

  5. AmplePressure said :

    Smoked Salmon, grilled prime rib..decent desert (chocolate) and a salad (as primer) with some sort of fruit involved.
    May even make the fruit or something else a “theme”, that can be fun..kinda like iron chef (specially with seafood….if you live by the coast..hehe)..probably need like corn, cabbage, rice, or something else in there as well.

  6. atcranes said :

    How about a great steak, lets say a pc of prime and some pre-battered fried shrimp scampi, baked potato, and a salad. Any wife loving husband would think the world of this. I’m a man and I do.

  7. myopic_chaos said :

    I made this soup with our dinner on Valentines day (along with steak and shrimp, but I LOVED this soup.. copying out of my cook book…….)

    Potato leek soup

    4 cups (4-5 med) peeled and chopped potatoes
    3 cups thinkly sliced keeps (4 leeks- I only used the bulbs)
    2 quarts chicken stock
    1 teaspoon black paper
    1/2 cup heavey cream
    3 tablespoons chopped chives (optional)

    simer potoates, leeks stock and salt partially covered for 40-50 minutes or until vegetables are tender. mash soup thoroughly or transfer to a blender (I used the blender) untiil a desired consistency is reashed. Seasoned with salt and pepper, stir in cream. Before serving , return soup to low heat and bring to a simmer, serve with chives.

    FYI the entire meal was as follows:

    Stuffed mushrooms to start (italian seasoned bread crumbs, green onions, butter, parmeason cheese, topped with mazarella)

    Green salad
    potato leek soup
    Steak and shrimp

    Cheese cake and cherry topping for desert. (valentine’s day colors)


  8. Olive said :

    Kung Pau chicken..I am sure I spelled it wrong…over rice with toasted peanuts on top…find a recipe on the internet…I have a version I use that is excellent and easy…the sauce has red wine vinegar, hot chili oil, soy sauce, sesame seed oil, cornstarch, garlic, sherry, sugar and cornstarch mixed in a chicken broth base. It also has water chestnuts and green onions along with chicken…it is so special and delicious..look for a recipe with those kind of ingredients and you will love it…maybe some hot tea…and something delicious for desert that you could whip up that you both like…a couple candles burning and a little backround music and you have a lovely evening at home…enjoy

  9. mariam said :

    Heart Shaped Cake with strawberry

  10. kathkrumm said :

    get a pack of 4 pork chops, then stuff them with your fave stuffing you know one down stuff one on top. make some new or yellow gold potatoes baked with spice or mashed your choice. then stir fry some of your favorite veggies. A good bottle of wine and you got it.

  11. Lissa pooh said :

    Chickin Kiev: Your hubby will love it. It’s very good and not so hard to make! It’s my hubbies favorite, and is a huge hit when ever i treat him to it. I use the reciepe from the Better Homes and Garden Cook Book.

    If you have the book there you go! if not e-mail me and I will gladly send you the reciepe!

    Good luck

  12. aj said :

    i would do chicken breasts stuffed with something..either cordon bleu (ham and swiss cheese) or spinach and feta. I would serve a rice dish on the side, because it’s cheap, and a steamed veggie, maybe asparagus, that’s a nice one. Dessert would would have to be chocolate. Have you ever made chocolate lava cakes? they are the most exquisite chocolate experience ever,especially with whipped cream. Happy ValentinesDay!

  13. IAmMakingProfitsDotCom said :

    Pound Cake
    Oreo Cookies
    and melted chocolate

    Cut up everything and make a chocolate fondue.
    Very sexy.

    Bon Appetite

  14. bscoms said :

    You may find some great ideas and recipes here, but here is some heartfelt advice (no pun intended).

    Think back to the FIRST time you ever had a meal with your husband- What was it?

    Whatever that was, try to fix that exact meal this Valentine’s, even if you have to cut some corners because the ingredients may be expensive. The thought will count so much more on this.

  15. VocalistMeg said :

    MEG TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!

    Not expensive, Easy to make and a little different from every day stuff… I made this exact recipe for my man last year and (now) we are engaged to be married… (our picture is at Anyway, I know he loved the meal…. and your man will too. ABOUT THE DISHES???
    Do it YOUR way!!!! Buy some nice sturdy plastic plates and TRASH EM’ when you are done. Use a white plastic table cloth and write loving things all over it with colored sharpies… When you are done, you can basically grab all four corners of you tablecloth and trash the entire mess!

    Line your pans with foil for any baking needs to ease in clean up. Keep your garbage bowl near (and lined with a small plastic bag) and fill the sink with hot soapy water so yu can toss the other pans into it and rinse them the next morning with NO HASSLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can even prep everything and use GLAD storage and serve the next day. Just dont do that to the broccoli. It never stays that well……. If you DO precook to store, make sure food is cooled enough before you put the lid on as it will cause too much condensation and make the food soggy………….

    I made rice pilaf instead of the potatos (it was easier) and I swapped the brussel sprouts for Broccoli……… (My Mom owns her own catering business and even SHE loved this meal…) To top off the night I had bought strawberries and dipped them in Chocolate. But I think it is MUCH tastier AND easier to make a plate of strawberries with a side of sour cream and soft BROWN surgar. You dip te berry in the sour cream ad then into the sugar. I know it sounds nasty, but it is actually DELISH!!! I also kinda comes off as being a fancy dish too……… Sorry for all the typing but I also have an AWESOME Gift idea that I always share with people. I pasted it below this answer and the recipes…………… Bonappetite’

    P.S> Don’t skip the capers… They actually taste AWESOME!

    Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Lemon & Capers Time: 30 minutes
    2 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
    1 medium onion
    1 cup chicken stock
    2 tbs capers
    1 lemon
    1 tbs cornstarch (maizena) dissolved in 1 tbs water
    1 tbs olive oil

    Peel and chop onion. Slice lemon, discarding ends, and remove pips. Heat oil in nonstick skillet. Add onion and sauté until tender. Move to sides of pan and add chicken breasts. Sauté until light brown, about 5 minutes per side. Add chicken stock and capers. Arrange lemon slices on top of chicken breasts. If you have too many slices just put directly in the stock. Cover, reduce heat and let simmer about 10 minutes, until chicken is done. Remove chicken and lemon slices to a plate and cover with the lid from the pan. Turn heat up and when stock is boiling add cornstarch, stirring until thickened. Serve chicken with lemon-caper sauce on the side.

    Buttered Potatoes Time: 25 – 30 minutes
    2 -3 potatoes
    1 tbs butter
    salt & pepper

    Scrub potatoes and cut into quarters. Put into a sauce pan and cover with water to which you add 1/4 tsp salt. Cover and bring to a boil. When boiling move cover so it is ajar else the potatoes will boil over. They will, I promise.. Remove from heat when done (stick a knife in and test – should go in easily). Drain, add butter, salt & pepper if using, and serve.

    Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Butter Time: 25 minutes
    12 – 16 Brussels sprouts – I normally serve 6 – 8 per person
    2 tbs butter
    1 tsp thyme
    1 tbs lemon juice
    salt & pepper

    Trim Brussels sprouts: slice a bit off of the stem end and peel away the outer leaves – any that are damaged, wilted or discolored. With the tip of your knife make a small X in the stem end – that, supposedly, aids even cooking. Put in a steamer basket over an inch of water and steam for 20 – 30 minutes or until done. They should be tender when pierced with a sharp knife but do not overcook. When done remove basket and empty water. Return pan to heat and melt butter. Add herbs, lemon, salt & pepper. Return sprouts to pan and sauté, stirring for 1 – 2 minutes. Serve.

    GIFT IDEA >>>> THE CANDY CARD !!!!!!!

    OK. This is the coolest gift ever girl. It also isn’t that expensive but it will mean the world to him. You write down words on a huge cardboard poster using the name of the candy bar/s to replace certan words (don’t forget glue or doube sided tape) to put them on the board and leave enough room for the candy to fit… Write it all out with the candy bar names you want to use on a piece of binder paper first… Write it all out on the board and place them in the form of a sentence, using a candy bar instead of a word. It can go something like this:

    Please don’t (snicker). You are worth ($ 100 Grand) and when we (Hershey kiss) I hear a (Symphony). Your love is (Good and Plenty) and I (Dove Promise) to be (Forever Yours).
    You are such a (Goobers) sometimes… Even when I forget to let the (KitKat) out at night. I can be such a (Butterfinger) when you try to get me to (whatyamacallit) with you and your (you can be nasty by gluing a big salami or beef stick here too)… I feel like sucha (Nerds) when you call me (Sweetarts) and I love you to (Reese’s Pieces) and some day I want you to be my (Hubba-Bubba)…… You and I can (Take 5) and relax for the rest of the evening I won’t play any (Twix) on you… I will just give you tons of (Hershy Kisses)………

    Get the pic? Just be sure to have a camera with you to capture the moment. Most guys will want to dig in and eat your art work as soon as it is done.

    Need any more suggestions you can email me at

    [email protected] ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP A GIRL IN NEED. I am an EXPERT when it comes to MEN and RELATIONSHIPS>
    (I’m 26……….. I’ve dated enough of them to know……)

    P.S> Walmart or Walgreens CVS will be your best bet for getting these things………….. It will be the most memorable gift he has ever had! TRUST ME!!!!!!!!! He will LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  16. ellen d said :

    I have a recipe for you that you can make a head of time and have prepared so you can concentrate on each other.
    Marinate for a couple of hours a Salem fillet.. Make a mixture of terraki sauce, half teaspoon of ginger, garlic to taste. A tablespoon of a good Mustard then apply to fish. Let sit for two hours. Grill or broil salmon. Make a bed of greens. {I usually use baby spinach but now only eat cooked spinach since I had E-Coli} I would recommend Romaine use additional veges of your choice> I like roasted peppers. olives and artichoke hearts.
    If you can afford add steamed shrimp.
    I make a dressing about 1/4 cup of Rice Vinegar or any kind, Soy about two tablespoons a teaspoon of garlic and 1/2 teaspoon or more of ginger. Make ahead so it seeps together.
    Present with the Salmon on top of everything and a nice wine. refrigerate, And this will leave time for the evening for some serious ROMANCE. Everyone of my friends and relatives loves this. Be Happy and have A Great Valentines Day. Love is to be celebrated.

  17. whiskeyflirt said :

    how about chili? lol just joking…if it is just you and the mr then why not do the easiest meal ever??? what was the first thing you and him ate together? i dont know but make that…or something your hubby says ” that looks good ” about. dessert is the best so it doesnt matter what you feed him for food try a chocolate fondue with apple,chunks of cake, and pretty much any other fruit you have.. it is super easy just melt chocolate in a double boiler and you are good to go…or you can check out and type in 3 ingredients you have on hand and they will suggest a ton of meals…

  18. jessica b said :

    There is a recipe on foodnetwork called grilled new york strip steak with chocolate merlot sauce. Its what I’m making for my hubby. You don’t have to buy a really expensive wine just one that you would enjoy drinking. Hope I helped.


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