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Will Black Friday Have Better Deals Online Than Cyber Monday?

I was planning on ordering a monitor from on Black Friday, but would it be wiser to buy on Cyber Monday?

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6 Responses to “Will Black Friday Have Better Deals Online Than Cyber Monday?”

  1. dukhead777 said:

    black friday were all Dead come monday were all born again due ya gotta ask the big Guy! Truely what are you asking and deals come and go like a bad sienfeld episode!

  2. avea l said:

    If you know where to go online ahead of time, because that stuff goes quick then Cyber Monday is for you. So depending on the deals, I may just hold off and look at the Cyber Monday. You may want to check out some great deals here –

  3. cobalt_blue_0 said:

    Since Cyber Monday is for online shopping and you’ll be shopping online, then it would make sense to wait for Cyber Monday.

  4. chottan_mottan said:

    If there is a good deal, you can typically find it on top online deals forums and sites like redflagdeals, smartcanucks and edealinfo. deals search might be able to help you if you have a particular brand in mind as they look at all top sites in just one click.

    Good luck shopping!

  5. searchthang said:

    There’s some great Cyber Monday / Black Friday online deals already, with free shipping on most items. Check out for the latest deals

  6. Aaron said:

    Cyber monday will probably have some better things available. Check deal and coupons sites for the next several days (and into December, since supposedly the better deals will come closer to Christmas as retailers try to make a push before the end of the year to make up for weak performance due to this economy)


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