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Does anyone start there Christmas shopping durning yard sale season?

Seriously anyone that is not a bad thing. I have a friend who does so I wanted to know if anyone started Christmas shopping that early.

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5 Responses to “Does anyone start there Christmas shopping durning yard sale season?”

  1. *smile* said:

    I start my Christmas shopping during Summer, yes. I don’t go yard-saling though. I need to have one, myself lol.

  2. irish1 said:

    Some of my presents for next year are already stashed away in the closet.

  3. kentuckyangel said:

    yes i have done this plus i have also started doing some of it the day after christmas for next year also.merry christamas to all out here.

  4. Michelle said:

    I usually start shopping the day after (for certain things). I have a new baby girl niece that is just a month old so I can buy cheap for her at any point throughout the year. But if I see a good deal for someone that I know they will like, I buy it. That way I don’t get stuck with buying everything during this time of year or having to save up money for it too.

  5. outta here said:

    I start my shopping the day after Christmas and I shop all year. Usually finish by November. This year I was done mid-October…and all are wrapped and hidden.

    I HATE to shop, hate shopping malls and haven’t been to one in probably 15 years. I travel quite a bit and always have my eyes open for something that someone would like.

    With shopping complete and baking all done and in the freezer, I can enjoy the holidays without standing in line or fighting with crowds. I love to stroll down the city streets looking at the decorations, store windows or joining friends for dinner somewhere while avoided the cranky people – usually with a screaming kid in tow being rude and pushy and paying WAY too much for everything.


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