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Who is sick and tired of Christmas music playing everywhere you go since September?

Christmas is an exciting holiday. Presents, food, family, etc. But are you getting sick of the Christmas songs they play at local stores? I mean, they’ve played them since, what? September? By the time Christmas rolls around, we will be so sick of hearing these songs!!!
Not only the songs but the commercials for Christmas too. Thanksgiving was basically forgotten because of all these adds for Christmas! Do you think they overdo Christmas too early? I do!

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7 Responses to “Who is sick and tired of Christmas music playing everywhere you go since September?”

  1. Miss Ballew :] said:

    Me too! I find the music distracting while I’m trying to shop and I get tired of hearing the same songs over & over.

  2. Victoria G said:

    I think that they shouldn’t start christmas stuff until the day after thanksgiving because then you don’t really celebrate thanksgiving. I love christmas music and my sister listens to it on and off a lil before thanskgiving and then we listen to it almost everyday after thanksgiving.

  3. RuthieGS said:

    I’m not sick of it 🙂 but I am very mad at how they make Christmas look like it’s only about the gifts. They’ve been having stuff about christmas since October and Thanksgiving was overlooked because of it. But I am trying to ignore it so it won’t ruin Christmas for me.

  4. boohoo_Jebus said:

    Stores in this area had Christmas stuff up before Halloween ! All the greed saddens me.While millions go hungry.

  5. St N said:

    Way over done and way too early. For what is supposed to be a day of celebration for the birth of one particular religion’s saviour it has been totally commercialized and crassed out. But now that it is a commercial venture and the only thing that keeps the retail industry from folding up like the automotive, we’re going to have no choice and will just have to put up with it.

  6. I ♥ Richard KHC said:

    I agree, I have two radio stations that I have programed in my car and during November and December all they play is christmas music, which is really irritating. I used to work at kohls and that will drive you mad listing to that music all day long as well as a fancy hotel that they would play music in the hallway again very annoying. It has made me hate christmas music!

  7. Dowey = anime freak said:

    yeah but its just fun but i think there getting an excuse to make sales and thanksgiving isn’t that popular its just food and family but christmas connects and makes sense for sales. And who doesn’t love buying stuff


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