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What to get my boyfriend for valentines day?

We are both 13 years old. On Valentines Day we would have been going out for 18 days. I know its not very long and that we are young but, we are midway mature. I am like a 6 year old but, I think he is going to give me my first kiss on Valentines Day. I really need some help. He is smart, funny, cute, caring, and all around amazing. He plays football and does wrestling.

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5 Responses to “What to get my boyfriend for valentines day?”

  1. jenny said:

    your so youngg

  2. toastyguy99 said:

    Get him a big boy gift.

  3. bendog12345 said:

    I agree-young, but i’m not one to judge as im 14 and have had a gf since august lol
    Don’t go to a movie. they’ll be packed and you won’t have privacy. I personally would go on a nice walk. get him a nice gift like a watch or wallet. If he likes a certain store, get him a giftcard. Tell him how much u care about him and you want to make that night one to remember, then just kiss him if he doesn’t kiss u.

  4. ME1iSSAMASSACRE said:

    —food is the way to a man’s heart.
    make him a heart-shaped cake

    –burn a cd of “his songs”
    and “your songs”
    that make you think of each other.
    decorate the cover of the cd case with a pic of you two.
    write a cutesy little “i love you” note to hide in the inside cover,
    so that he’ll “accidently” find it and think of you everytime he listens to it.

    –go to build a bear, make a valentine bear.

    — decorate a jar and fill it with those little sweet tart hearts that say “i love you” and “be mine”, along with some pieces of little paper that have reasons why you love/like him.

    as for the first kiss thing, dress cute.
    curl your hair, add some blush.

    guys love blush, it makes a girl look cute.
    but not too much, dont wanna look like a hoe [ lol (: ]
    and curls are irresistable.

    cute, flavored lip gloss–a girls best friend.
    + guys love it.

    i should know, my boyfriend is like yours, sweet, wrestler, footballer, funny, cute, caring and amazing.

    hope this helped, god bless, good luck, and happy valentines day for you and your valentine.

    xoxo-melissa (:

  5. RoseofDestiny said:

    Don’t really listen to what everyone else is saying about you being young. Love can happen at any age… It all depends on whether you have the ability to express it to the other person or not. And seeing that you think of your boyfriend in such a positive way and that you want to give him a gift for being so kind, I’d say that you guys are pretty mature. I would honestly suggest a bracelet or necklace. Something you made yourself and you can give a nice, lovely story about it. Sigh… reminds me of my own relationship that isn’t working out very well right now… Never take the love you have for granted… Love is beautiful, so cherish it always.


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