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What should I make for a valentines dinner for two?

I am looking for something special to cook for my valentine for dinner. Anyone have any good Valentines dinner suggestions?

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3 Responses to “What should I make for a valentines dinner for two?”

  1. Pedro said:

    corn and peas

  2. Melissa C said:

    A pasta would be good. Like spaghetti, but serve it with salad and garlic bread. make sure you put meat in it. And put season salt in the meat it gives the whole dish a great taste. Serve straw or cherry chessecake afterwards. They have a nobake cheesecake. Any ?s email me.

  3. withthesefourwalls said:

    I’m making chicken marsala stuffed with gorgenzola cheese and mushrooms cooking in sweet vermouth and butter. I’ll probably put some bell peppers and small red potatoes with olive oil and rosmary in the oven too.


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