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What are some ways to make yourself study over Thanksgiving Break?

I need to catch up on some things, write a paper, and so on. I always plan on using Thanksgiving Break wisely, to catch up, but often, by the end of the week, I’m disappointed in myself.

How can I keep myself on track?

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5 Responses to “What are some ways to make yourself study over Thanksgiving Break?”

  1. psyren99 said:

    Plan a schedule of what you need to do each day. For instance, plan to write the intro of your paper one day, the body the next, and the conclusion another day. By breaking things up it doesn’t feel like you’re spending the entire break studying, and setting a goal ahead of time makes it easier to keep on track. Hope this helps!

  2. Eponine said:

    Remind yourself of that disappointment. Every time you start slacking off, remember how guilty you’ll feel at the end of break if you don’t do your work! It always works for me.

  3. HOGHEAD said:

    Consider the consequences if you don’t. You’re shelling out a lot of cash for the education, so do what it takes.

  4. Love 'n Joy said:

    1. Set goals. Be clear (and realistic!) about what you want to accomplish through the break.

    2. Set a schedule. Consider when you think best and make work then. Schedule time in for rest also. You need it to study well.

    3. Tell the people around you what your plans are. Ask your friends/family to support you. That means, not calling, not asking you to go somewhere during your study time.

    4. Stay away from phone/email/IM while studying.

    5. Reward yourself. Recognize that it’s hard for you and remember to reward yourself with friends/food/movies/fun things.

    Good luck!

  5. ommotherlifeforce said:

    put a peace of white tape over yahoo answers logo, ha ha ha , and study at the library, or another room


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