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What are some simple yet delicious recipes for thanksgiving leftovers?

My family always has so much leftovers after thanksgiving and we would like to try some new simple recipes, Any Ideas? Thanks!

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8 Responses to “What are some simple yet delicious recipes for thanksgiving leftovers?”

  1. lori h said:

    cream of chicken soup and left over turkey just make the soup and add the turkey. serve on bread. Know you have a hot turkey sandwich

  2. hmmmm.............???? said:

    hmm…. what about just re-heating the dishes, and eating them as they were originally prepaired? i’m really not all that sure of anything else…. try, its got like a bajillion recipies!

  3. ♥SweetPeaches♥ said:

    Turkey Wraps, Turkey Sandwhiches always ROCK!!!! ♥ ♥♥♥ ♥

  4. ghost said:

    Mashed potatoes, cranberry, gravy and turkey sandwiches.

  5. doreneemi said:

    Leftover turkey and cranberries with lettuce (and whatever else who want to include) makes a great salad, and it’s nice light fare after a heavy Thanksgiving Day meal.

  6. Q-mama said:

    This month’s Bon Appetit magazine ( had some great recipes for leftover turkey.

    In the past, I’ve taken leftover stuffing and pressed it into a greased baking dish like a crust. Whip up some eggs with a bit of milk and some herbs and then bake it till the eggs are firm.

    You can also make croquettes with leftover mashed potatoes. Make into a patty, dredge in seasoned flour and pan fry.

    Make tetrazzini or some other casserole with the turkey. (you can easily google that).

  7. Keith And Lolli said:

    In Peru there’s a recipe that requires making a soup (which you can do with a turkey carcass with left over meat on it) and then you pick off all the left over meat, mix some bread in the soup to make it thick and serve it with rice. It sounds odd but its delicious! We recently posted it on our blog here (we didn’t use left over turkey in this instance but the principal is the same)

  8. The Healthy Recipe Tester said:

    Turkey salad is my favorite!


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