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Valentines day?

This is my first valentines day with my boyfriend, but im not sure what to get him. Im not planning on spending over $ 30-40 (not including dinner). What are some good gift ideas? I dont want to get him anything like a watch, wallet, etc, he doesnt use those. Any creative ideas ?

Thanks in advance =)

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One Response to “Valentines day?”

  1. daizeydee33 said:

    His favorite cologne? If he doesn’t have one, maybe you could pick out something you would like for him to wear and attach a note that suggests you woudl like to have him wear the cologne and nothing else! (Unless you are under age, then just write a different note!) You could make a collage or a very unique valentine and use pictures of the two of you. What about a masculine necklace with a leather strap rather than a chain and a unique medalion or pendant? An engraved picture frame with a picture of the two of you? Bake him a batch of homemade sugar cookies and decorate them like the conversation hearts everyone loves to read and receive at Valentine’s Day. What about a mix cd of his favorite songs or songs that have meaning to the both of you? A key chain that has some type of significance? One that is or could be engraved might be nice. Does he use a money clip? You can find nice things like that to engrave at Things Remembered. Blow up balloons or have them filled with helium and attach notes or things you love about him to each one and just fill the room with them! Find a nice box of some type (maybe for his dresser or night stand) and fill it with tiny pieces of paper with one single reason you love him or what you love about him on each piece. He can open it up and grab a new one each day. If he is a handy man fixer upper craftsy type of guy (who likes tools and fixing things) then get him s a gift card to his favorite place. What about a gift card to an electronics store? Just wrap it fancy or get creative in the way you present the gift. Two tickets to a movie he wants to see would be good, too. You can spring for popcorn and snowcaps! Fill his gas tank for him … The possibilities are endless. Just make sure it comes from your heart. That’s really all that matters.


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