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Valentines date?

Ok so i asked this girl that i like ALOT to hang out with me on valentines day…(she said yes) but the day before valentines day im going to give her a rose and a card that asks to be my valentine….Is this good? oh and what is a good thing to do on valentines day when we hang out?

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11 Responses to “Valentines date?”

  1. arielle said:

    thats adorable.

  2. pookeepoohbear said:

    Ya thats good ask her out.

  3. Get it said:

    I think you should do it the day you hang out with her..
    You already asked something… She might get scared..

  4. Eva~ said:

    thats awesome!!! BUt she MIGHT not like you back so… just hold back a little on the flirting and stuff.

  5. ♪♫[email protected]!ge♫♪ said:

    I think that is really sweet!!
    Find out what she likes to do and take her out!

  6. hollywoodbabe5249 said:

    that is the cutest thing….i for one LOVE roses so thats good..n the card cute too. umm take her out to eat and maybe a movie.

  7. Rachel H said:

    That’s cute.. I heard something the other day… a guy gave a girl a rose the day before valentine’s with a note that said “only a special girl gets a rose before…” and then he gave her a rose on valentine’s with a note that said “…during…” and then a rose the day after valentine’s with a note that said “and after Valentine’s!” You should try that because that’s really cute. But anyway, for things to do… why don’t you go see a movie or go out to dinner?

  8. james d said:

    buy her a stuffed animal girls love that
    girls also like when you take them out to eat
    be repectfull and honest tho girls hate dishonest
    and also just ask her to be you valentine the give her the rose on v day it will make it more special good luck

  9. just call me R said:

    dude just take her 2 the movie then just ask her.if she is the 1 for u then she will say yes

  10. rockstar_2_be said:

    Love the rose and card idea, and so will she. When you guys hang out make sure to be in a casual setting, don’t overwhelm her. If you guys are out in public then it take of some of the pressure and nerves. If its your first date, go to some place fun, like the pizza parlor. If you guys are getting serious, plan something romantic. Italian restaurant maybe.

  11. khanofali said:

    Why the day before. The whole point of a Valentines Day Card is to give it on Valentines Day.
    As far as what to do, do something you would be comfortable doing. When I was young, miniature golf was a fun thing that didn’t take too much time. It also allowed for brief make out sessions.
    Buy condoms.


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