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is cyber monday worth waiting for?

I skipped out on Black Friday this year because of the the crowds and lines so im planning buying gifts for everybody online. My question is “Is it worth waiting for Cyber Monday?” or should I buy everything today.I plan to shop at Victoria’s Secret, Lids, Hollister Co., and Bestbuy.

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7 Responses to “is cyber monday worth waiting for?”

  1. Cory said:

    cyber monday is tomorrow wait 24 hours 😀

  2. pσuncing pαn∂α said:

    I’ve never even heard of Cyber Monday?
    But just wait for it, it’s only a day away.

  3. LilGemGirl76 said:

    Do you already have accounts setup? I know VS will sign you out every day. They’ll probably have more deals tomorrow. I’m getting up about 5am to do my shopping, but I already got the stuff in my Wish List, so I can just recheck for better deals and go from there.

  4. Bill said:

    Their will be much better sales on monday.

  5. Alex said:

    I think it is worth 🙂 try amazon cyber monday deals, they already opened

  6. Blueangle said:

    I think it’s worth waiting for Cyber Monday.
    Many businesses will be discounted on this day, it’s the best day for shopping.

  7. Michael B said:


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