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How many of you will be taking advantage of the great deals this Cyber Monday?

Why does this sound naughty to me?

Maybe because most are shopping from work…


Mornin friends and have a Happy Moanday!

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14 Responses to “How many of you will be taking advantage of the great deals this Cyber Monday?”

  1. P!nk Hair Female Aviator said:

    nope, broke.

    Good Morning!

  2. Holiday Cheermeister said:

    I will!

  3. ηeяd↕e кαятΘΘη кя↕§тү said:

    I have never heard of Cyber Monday… well in the shopping sense.
    Please tell more!

  4. Alex said:

    I get my Canon camera from Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 🙂

  5. Emma said:



  6. Bosco Lives Where It's Gray said:

    Maybe, but I’m also broke…

  7. chrysti's midlife crisis said:

    <-----scrooge bah humbug mornin sweets:)

  8. Jackie said:

    i dont have a contact named monday???? and when i cyber, we arent talking about what shoes to buy!! ;))

  9. Huh? Take XII said:

    I am keeping my eyes open

  10. cassandras_evil_sister3 said:

    i dont offer deals when i cyber! it cuts into my profits!! =))

  11. bgbbill said:

    what deals r u offering me to cyber u? 😀

  12. JC said:

    I will be taking advantage of good offers this Cyber Monday and yes I will be doing it from work. Good thing there are very few people around me to catch me! Let the fun begin.

    Here is a site with Cyber Monday deals that may interest you. (Have fun shopping today.)

    Jewelry City And More has great Cyber Monday deals. They are as follows:

    Doorbuster Specials: First 10 orders over $65 receive a free full sized beauty product (no coupon code required)

    All childrens clothing and toy purchases over $30 entered into raffle for $15 gift certificate

    25% off All Jewelry Purchases (Checkout code: CyberMonday)

    $15 off orders of $100 or more (Code: 15off)

    $25 off orders of $125 or more (Code: 25off)

    $35 off orders of $200 or more (Code: 35off)

    Begins: 12:00am Monday and ends 11:59pm Monday night

  13. Michael B said:
  14. MixXed,You know U Luv ME~ said:

    Am cash broke, I may break out some plastic……Or go cyber peeping~~


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