How do i make a nice thanksgiving feast when I cant cook?

Ok thanksgiving is next week, my original plan was to go home, but instead I am stuck on this island. I cant cook worth crap!!! Everything I attempt to cook I destroy somehow. I am originally from the south and I like southern food when it comes to thanksgiving. What can I cook that isnt too complex, but yet tastes really good?

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  1. carmen d said:

    If you are alone why not try the turkey cutlets that Rachel Raye made the other day they looked like some my mom made.

  2. CRYSTAL said:

    i suggest getting precooked items that only need reheating. also box dishes that come with easy directions. then just add spices to make it more homemade tasting.

  3. William L said:

    go to all i’m sure you’ll find a delicious food for turkey day.

  4. silverstar said:

    Is it just you? How about roasting a chicken? Take a 2-3 pound chicken, chean it and put it in a roasting pan. Pour olive oil all over it. Season it with salt and pepper. Put it in an oven at 350*F. While it’s cooking baste it (brush the drippings on it) about every 15 minutes. While the chicken is cooking, peel some potatoes. About 2 med size potatoes per person. Cut into cubes. Put in pot, cover with water add about a quarter of teaspoon of salt per serving (1/4 tsp for every 2 potatoes) Bring to boil until soft. ( about 20 minutes) Drain water. Add lots of butter (about 2 Tablespoons per serving) and a little milk. Mash (or mix with electric mixer) Add as much milk until it’s to the consistancy you like your potatoes. Cover with a lid. Pull out your chicken after the legs turn easily. Pull chicken out and take drippings and put into a small saucepan.Take about 1-2 Tablespoons of flour and mix or whisk to about 1/2 cup water. Bring drippings to a boil. Add the flour mixture and return to boil until you have desired thickness for gravy season with salt and pepper. Add a veggie (can buy frozen that you microwave) and viola you have dinner! Buy a pumpkin pie and some cool whip or whatever you want for dessert! Enjoy!!!

  5. hotrod4u2play said:


  6. cristianismo said:

    put adobo and crushed garlic in the whole turkey ,make mashed potato bake sweet potato get cranberty sauce and pumpkin puie and you are good to go

  7. Edi W said:

    Honey baked ham store has pre cooked everything. Also, Publix. They might ship it to you.

  8. Sapphire said:

    You can order Thanksgiving feast from Chicken Out.
    Just don’t buy processed foods. I don’t eat anything from Kraft. Most process foods are genetically modified like soy, corn, and wheat. So I’d throw out those processed foods.


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