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Can anyone give me a recipe for a great tasting, fruity, fizzy, HIGH alcoholic punch to serve this New Year’s?

I would love to serve a nice punch to my guests this New Year’s Eve.

It should have lots of alcohol, fizz, fruity flavor, and great taste.

I have a huge punch bowl and lots of cups.

Any suggestions?


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6 Responses to “Can anyone give me a recipe for a great tasting, fruity, fizzy, HIGH alcoholic punch to serve this New Year’s?”

  1. J. W. H said:

    look up online what the ingredients of a good punch are.. make the punch.. then add grain alcohol.. it has a brand name of Everclear.. it is 190 proof.. meaning that it is 95 percent pure alcohol.. mix to your taste.. and remember.. this stuff is potent.. if you want to knock someone on their can.. this will do the way.. in a good punch.. the alcohol is hard to detect..if I were you.. I would warn the drinkers.. this stuff sneaks up on you..go easy.. good luck

  2. Thomas B said:

    this halloween drink is not bad
    Blood of the Innocent
    Fruit Punch
    2 oz Vodka
    Pour Hawaiian punch into a 12 oz highball glass. Take a gulp/mouthful, and fill the rest of the glass with vodka. Alter the proportions if you prefer a stronger bite.

  3. Patronin' said:

    I love making Jungle Juice…a mixture of A LOT of vodka, Hi-C, Concentrated juices and lots of frozen fruit. Let the fruit soak in the alcohol overnight and then add the juices. Cheap to make and it’ll get a lot of people drunk!

  4. dylan said:

    go about a 4:1 ratio for drink/alcohol

    the drink/ punch
    1/4 sparkling cider
    1/4 pinnaple juice
    1/4 maliubue coconut ( i know its got alcohol but its weak)
    1/4 mango nectar

    the alcohol
    1/2 southern comfort
    1/4 absolut vodka, apple flavor
    1/4 captian morgans spiced rum

    get about 5 lemons and 5 oranges worth of orange and lemon rine( the colored skin NOT THE WHITE PART)

    mix the alcohol with the orange/lemon rine and let sit about 1-2 weeks, strain alcohol through coffee filters to filter out the rines.

    put alcohol in freezer until the day of the party and mix the ice cold alcohol mix with the drink mix described earlier

    also some coconut syrup and vanilla extract could be added to taste along with sugar

    mix and serve exremely chilled on the rocks

  5. amanda p said:

    i would not suggest using everclear – it’ll ruin / overpower the taste of the drink. punch is something you can have fun with. off the top of my head – the majority of the booze should be vodka and triple sec. throw in some rum, some tequila, whatever else you may fancy ( maybe some peach schnapps ) then add sprite and orange juice. you can really mix it up with any juice you prefer ( oj works good though ) and try different variations of liquor. Vodka & triple sec are deff the base liquors, though.

  6. ohm d said:

    Everyone gets trashed at my parties from doing this so a word of warning. People just drink and drink and drink.

    I always premix in a 2 liter bottle since I like to soak my drinks with fruit. I’m describing this in relation to fractions of the bottle.

    1/8 of the bottle with Captain Morgan’s Mango Rum.
    Throw in 2 to 4 shots of Eveclear. Very potent, 98% alcohol.
    2/8 Rose’s Blue Raspberry Cocktail Infusion
    2/8 Blue Hawaiin Punch.
    2/8 Sprite
    Mix in some Sweet and Sour. This stuff isn’t alcohol, but too much can ruin it. Mix it to your liking.
    Cut some oranges and green apples and stick them in the bottle.
    Pour in grenadine on top of the fruits.
    Let it sit for an hour.
    Pour into a bowl and enjoy.

    People always ask me to make it at parties and they call it “Heaven.” Here’s a picture of it that my friend took.



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