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where is a good place to go christmas shopping in england?

me and my friends are planning to get the train to go christmas shopping this year, does anybody know a good place to go where stuff is still affordable? thanks in advance x

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2 Responses to “where is a good place to go christmas shopping in england?”

  1. ~*♥*~Ashley Star~*♥*~ said:

    PEACOCKS!!! 🙂

    Hehe i just got back from England a few weeks ago and I loved that place!! Very affordable clothes!

  2. The Angel on the tree xXx said:

    same situation we just go to a big shopping center with loads of shops outside in hemel hempstead afraid i dont know where you live so cant help you out really im afraid ill just list some out near me milton keyns aylesbury as i said hemel hempstead um that sit near me there must be somewhere like that near you too
    goodluck and Happy Holidays x


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