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where can i buy all of my christmas gifts online?

i have to buy gifts for my family ages 1year old to 75 and want to find one site that i can buy everyone a gift on and pay only one lump sum for shipping and handling (if possibly a site with free shipping) i have tried amazon but it shipping is very expensive because it’s being shipped from several different places. please help my goal is to be finish christmas shopping buy the end of november!

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4 Responses to “where can i buy all of my christmas gifts online?”

  1. Riddle me this said:

    Do it the old fashion way. Hop off your lazy bum and head to the department stores. You can search and search online if you wish, but you’ll still be paying for shipping and handling. And what if the the item you buy is not all it’s cracked up to be and you have to send it back. I hate long lines, crowded stores, complaining customers, and rude cashiers to but it’s better to go in person sometimes.

  2. Joyce said:

    Hello ,try this online store ,many lovely christmas gifts to choose .and most of the things are freeshipping,have a look ,you will like it .

  3. Female said:

    omg! Christmas shopping

    go to

    watch the two videos on the right. they will explain it better. and make an account.

    click “shop” on the left top side, click on any of those (depends on what you are looking for). click “wireless” to find a cell phone as a gift.
    or “mall” it has over 300 stores to choose from.

  4. Fat J said:

    u should check out ebay. ebay has a lot of diverse sellers that have items all in the same location. theres this one seller i found that i really like, cuz he has a lot of items that my friends and family want, and i usually buy from him whenever I need to buy them gifts for bdays and christmas. his names peter:


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