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What kind of fun Christmas traditions can my boyfriend and I start now that we live together?

He and I both LOVE the Christmas season, and this is the first year the two of us won’t be spending the night with our families. We are excited to share our first christmas together in our house, and I’d love to start some fun new traditions. Any ideas?
So far we came up with buying goofy christmas pajamas for each other, unwrapping them on christmas eve, and wearing them that night and the next day.

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13 Responses to “What kind of fun Christmas traditions can my boyfriend and I start now that we live together?”

  1. rachel! said:

    aw thats a GREAT tradition !!! =]

  2. TequilaMockingBird said:

    A big gourmet breakfast Christmas morning. Homemade waffles or crepes. Omelets, or hash browns. Chocolate chip pancakes.

    If you’re an active couple, you can go for a long walk Christmas morning (this depends on your region of the country and weather).

    Midnight mass.

    Is there any parks nearby that have Christmas Eve or Day celebrations.

    You could also volunteer at a soup kitchen together, or even a nursing home.

  3. Halo said:

    Thats a good one. Buy a new ornament for your tree every year, one that reminds you of something the two of you have done that year. What about a christmas scavenger hunt. Make a holiday dinner together, or sit around and make home made decorations. Have a movie you watch every year on christmas eve. Go and volunteer at a soup kitchen.

  4. Ian's Mommy said:

    sometimes the best traditions happen on accident. something funny happens, and you repeat it the next year just because.

    my family always had us open pajamas on xmas eve since i was born… i now have a 1 year old son, and i have carried that tradition on. i plan on buying him pajamas every year to open on xmas eve.

    if you like to bake or cook, why not make a tradition that a certain day or weekend, you spend baking holidy cookies, cakes, pies, candies for friends, families, neighbors, and yourselves?

    my old neighbor loved to bake and make chocolate candies, and i looked forward to her stopping by once a year in december to drop of a delicious tray of caramels, chocolates, cookies, brownies!

  5. crashintome1995 said:

    my ex boyfriend and i would get a christmas ornament every year with that year on it. one boyfriend liked to have sex right in front on the tree every year. i thought it was kinda weird but i did it anyways because it was fun to do it in other places…lol..since you live in a house you could go to one of those places where you cut down your own tree..i have done that with my family and it was pretty fun.

  6. MIRIC said:

    Me & my husband buy one new ornament every year (we have 8 now) and put them away with the decorations so every year we see how our relationship has extended & continued to grow, just like our collection. Maybe start a collection of snow globes.

    Or maybe every xmas eve get a picture of the 2 of you doing something crazy, like spraying eachother with crazy foam or stuffing mince pies into eachothers mouth lol you could have them in a little frame & get them out every year 🙂

    I love the PJ’s idea tough 🙂

  7. Jim I said:

    Do you have friends who can’t go “home” for Christmas? Invite them to spend the afternoon with you.

    Buy an ornament for yourselves and continue that every year.

  8. jandismommie said:

    My husband gave me a teddy bear with the year on the foot and now I get one every year. On Christmas Eve you can drive around and look at the Christmas lights together while listening to Christmas music, make a nice breakfast and dinner for the two of you, have a advent calender to count down the days till Christmas, and or cuddle on the couch and watch Christmas movies and drink eggnog.

  9. Allie A said:

    My husband and I have been buying a tree ornament every year since we’ve been together at our favorite summer vacation spot. When we unwrap them we always think of our fun trips. We also exchange fun PJ’s that we unwrap on Christmas Eve before we curl up and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Its our favorite christmas movie, but one that we can’t exactly watch with a bunch of family (because of all the little ones running around)!

  10. misskris73 said:

    Stop by your favorite coffee shop and get a hot drink. Get some Christmas music going in the car and then drive around looking at Christmas lights. While driving around talk about your favorite holiday memory. Each year explore a new part of town.

  11. johnston1 said:

    You never mentioned your age, or if you have any kids, and 2 adults living together with no kids buying goofy pajamas for each other to wear on christmas eve, is weird even by my crazy standards

  12. jessi v said:

    Aww.. Me and my boyfriend have spent the last 2 Christmases living together. We started doing the pj thing last year! I even got him a pair of boxers that has a button and plays a Christmas song when you press. We do ours a little differently though. Even though we are in our 20’s we still go home for Christmas. He spends the night at his moms and me at my parents and then we get together Christmas day with each others families. So we wake up on Dec. 23, bright and early and pretend it’s Christmas morning. Then we spend all day playing with the things we got each other. Hot Cocoa and Christmas music is a must when opening presents! Maybe if you plan on going places on the Christmas, then on Christmas Eve, you guys could have a Christmas dinner just the two of you. We always want to do this, but it doesn’t always work out. We also spend a lot of time watching Christmas movies. I have a mass collection as we both LOOOVE Christmas!!! I wish i could give you more suggestions! Have fun!

  13. torie219 said:

    thats cute & a good idea
    you also could search up christmas traditions online and get a few helpful things…

    ummm you could
    -bake cookies together
    -buy each a gag gift every year.those are fun!
    -do something special on christmas eve-ice skating,idk something!

    those were only a couple things i could think of but hope i helped some!!! ;]


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