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What is Black Friday like? How good are the deals in malls?

I’ve never been shopping on black friday and this year I’m planning too. How early do I have to get up and how crazy is it? And how good are the deals exactly and what stores? I’m also planning on going to the mall, do stores such as Wet Seal and Forever 21 have good deals? I’m hoping to find some cute boots for the season at a decent price.

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13 Responses to “What is Black Friday like? How good are the deals in malls?”

  1. noname said:

    There’s always at least ONE great deal in black fridays!~ I usually go to JC-penny and all those kind of “main” stores in the mall, you could also try to look online to see if the stores have a ad for it, the lines are pretty long, depends how good the deals are and what the store has, I went to walmart last year and hell the line was so long it was up to the streets, getting up. You have to wake up pretty early to get what you want, “First come, first serve”, For me I woke up at 5am, and left around 5:30ish and the line was long, I didn’t end up with what I wanted to get.. but I got a plasma for a pretty cheap price… ahh well experiences.. xD Good luck shopping!~~

  2. nikitine said:

    ALL stores have good deals. If you want to know what sales they are having, you should google or call the specific store you have in mind and ask about any sales.

    It depends whether you want to get there at midnight (or even earlier). If you’re planning to buy ALOT of things, and have certain things you have to get, then get there earlier. If you don’t like big crowds and such, I suggest going a little later in the morning so you don’t have to be stuck in crowds of sweaty people. I know some stores give out free stuff and gift card to the first 100 or so people, but that means you have to get to places an hour before they open.

  3. kategg said:

    Of course the whole Black Friday experience depends on where you go. I go to an outlet center that opens at midnight. When I went there no one pushed or shoved everybody was pretty respectful. I think it’s only a few times we get crazies out there! Haha.

    Check out to find some early advertised deals. Wet Seal and Forever 21 are always very reasonably priced but I’ve never seen any big advertisements for them for Black Friday. My suggestion is subscribe to their e-mailing list so if they have any exclusive deals or coupons, you know about it before you head out the door to go shopping!

  4. Terry said:

    I personally don’t really see any super-great deals. The best deals will be right after christmas or new years trust me. I don’t know if it’s the type of things I shop for or what but Black Friday doesn’t appeal to me. They seem like just regular sales and the stores with sales actually worth looking at are usually the stores that over-price everything anyway.

  5. Chas said:

    The best deals are usually at that larger retailers, and those are the stores you need to get to super early to get the really crazy good deals. Check out the ads beforehand at

  6. Rebecca said:

    It’s horrible, lines are like 30 people long, this year I’m going skip the long lines and shop online, they will show you the same deals at

  7. TGD said:

    check this SpreadSheet that can help you to find the deal you are looking for. Black Friday deals in a format that can be sorted by store, product, price, etc. Use the drop down arrows at the top of the columns to sort and/or filter the data.

  8. 86% Barbie said:

    I know places like target and walmart have sales. ( i personally have NEVER been to either one of those stores) but i know from the news that a walmart was so busy that they killed someone by trampling them. I think forever 21 should have some good sales, go online to see. Also i think weteasl should be dong it to. I no for sure places like macys and jcpennys should have sales. I think you could find boots (acedmy does sell uggs and has great prices) anywhere like macys (def macys) and jcpennys in the shoe dep. So ya…. I wake up when i wake up. I am not in the position like a lot of people are where this is a big deal to save money, in fact i might not even go. I think depending on the store you shold be there 30- hr before opening. i would make a schedule and even in a small town there would be horrible traffic. I again dont wake up early or wait in those uh-gawdly lines because simply i dont have too. But if thats your thing… then thats your thing. I personally just have enough money to not need to wait and only have a day to do it all. But good luck finding those boots:)

  9. dorwin29 said:

    How crazy is it? Just look at some of the crazy things that happened last year. I know Amazon is planning on having black friday starting on Monday, Nov 23 so shoppers don’t have to wait until Friday. Monday after is typically called Cyber Monday where retailers also start to slash prices for the Holiday shopping season.

  10. Gaurang said:

    black friday is known for crazy shopping. there are long queues in front of stores and in location like NY,NJ people start queuing from thursday night. deals are good but offers are limited per person in each category. In store deals can be found online but in most cases they do not release their best deals so you have to check in store only.

    You can also get best deals at cyber monday. which is for online shoppers. you can get additional discount in form of cashback at

  11. Alex said:

    You wont believe what this black friday offers

  12. Amber said:

    Try to be at the mall as early as you can be. Most stores will be open by 6AM. It will be crazy packed in the mall but I can guarantee you you’ll find something you like. The deals are great! All the department stores(JC Penney, target, Sears, Wal Mart) always have great sales, as in 50-70% off a bunch of things. You can check this site for those ads.

    Definitely go to the mall for those stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Wet seal. Last year, Forever 21 had buy one, get one free on all their sale items. And they also gave away gift cards to the first 100(?) shoppers. Charlotte Russe was 40% off everything storewide until 10am, 25% off everything for the rest of the day. I know Charlotte Russe is doing that again this year. And Wet Seal will probably have the buy one, get one for one cent sale.

    I think you’ll be able to find boots at Charlotte Russe or a department store. Check out Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls and TJ Maxx as well.

    hope that helps:)!

  13. Mrs Ponyboy Curtis said:

    definately you should go, every where has sales!
    stores like macy’s, kohls and jc pennys have the best though

    A lot of malls and stores open anywhere from
    3-7 am.

    It is pretty crazy with LOTS of crowds


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