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What is a halloween costume that involves wearing a cool wig?

I’m trying to work out a halloween costume, and I really want to wear a funky wig – like today I saw a long purple one for instance. Does anyone have any suggestions? It doesn’t have to be directly halloween related – could just be general fancy dress.

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12 Responses to “What is a halloween costume that involves wearing a cool wig?”

  1. Chelsy H said:

    The girl from the movie Hair Spray

  2. SusieQ said:

    Rock star, punk star, get a toy instrument like a guitar from Big Lots.

  3. Vitaly Tennant said:

    A cool wig… hmmm… a hippie outfit or a rockstar!! if you need more ideas check out this cool site – hopefully that helped!

  4. Spencer said:

    marge simpson

  5. mati 95 said:

    haha for a wig i would get a big afro and get funky glasses and be a hippy

  6. Valerie said:

    Gothic Lolita Zombie: You get to wear a gothic lolita dress, platform shoes, and a wild wig.

  7. Flowergal90 said:

    Lady Gaga, Barbie, Cruella DeVille, Jessica Rabbit:

  8. KLU said:

    Cruella Devill

  9. Lilli said:
  10. pip said:

    Wigs really can make the costume …

    Marilyn Monroe
    Sandy (Grease)
    Barbie Flip Wig and Barbie Long Wig
    Sports fanatic (2 colors, lots of options – can be worn just as a funky wig rather than as part of a sports fan costume)
    Purple Pizazz
    Pink Wild
    Corpse Bride

    You might also want to check out this article on “Couples Costumes” for general costume inspiration.

    Hope this helps. Party Hearty!

  11. Ai said:

    Geisha costume!

  12. roxxygrrl13 said:

    A fairy


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