What is a fun way to open presents christmas morning to make it last longer?

My family is going on vacation this year right after christmas. and because that will take most of our christmas shopping money, we won’t be doing much gift exchanging. We are looking for a fun game or activity that will make our few presents each last for a longer part in the morning and so we can all spend some time together on christmas. any ideas? By the way we are a family with 3 older teenage girls, which makes things a little trickier !

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2 Responses to “What is a fun way to open presents christmas morning to make it last longer?”

  1. Katie said:

    Some families open gifts in a big circle. Going in some sort of order (clock wise, youngest to oldest, height, etc) the first person opens one present and everyone pays attention (like at a birthday party, they have the lime light) then the next person opens one, and so on. This works best if everyone has a rather equal and small number of presents or you’ll end up with the youngest one opening his/her last ten all in a row since everyone else has finished opening their gifts. This also works great if you plan on taking lots of pictures!

    To drag the gift opening out more, you could also open one one christmas eve, one before breakfast, one after, one before lunch, and so on. You could also do this spread-out gift opening thing with the above circle idea – each person opening one gift at each time slot.

    You sure are getting ready for Christmas early! I hope this helps! :)

  2. blank said:

    I agree with Katie.Or get a game you all can play.


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