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What are some good Christmas gifts for an 8 month old?

My son is 6 months old, and will be 8 months old at Christmas time. He is already crawling, and he has lost interest in his toys (rattles etc.). I know I shouldn’t go overboard on him when it comes to gifts, so I just want to get him a few good toys. Have any of you found a good toy or playset for that age? Any ideas? Thanks!

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7 Responses to “What are some good Christmas gifts for an 8 month old?”

  1. rosie babayyy! (BCA) said:

    a push walker, a musical table, books, clothes…

    EDIT-another fun thing that i just got my kids is a ball pit. my 14 month old absolutely loves it-and as soon as my 4 month old starts crawling im sure he will too. here is the one we got:

    baby einstein dvd’s are great too!

  2. ~Lacey~34wks said:

    Just go to and look at all the toys in that age group, they have alot to choose from and they have some good stuff.

  3. ~Jay~ said:

    Believe it or not. I would suggest national geographic dvd’s maybe a set or so… They’re known to produce AMAZING results in a developing human brain. They won’t be discarded quickly like baby toys..

  4. Monkey said:

    My son was 7 months for his first Christmas. Most of what I got him, he just recently started to really enjoy and play with (And he’s now almost 17 months old)… out of the toys he got though, he absolutely loved those stacking rings that come on the plastic base. My mom had bought him a musical table. He really loved it, but I had to take the legs off of it because he flipped it over onto himself while standing and holding onto it. I also had gotten him the big soft Tonka trucks. He absolutely LOVED those (and still does). He would flip it upside down and spin the wheels. =)
    So.. I would say cars/trucks.. stacking rings (or blocks are good too) and anything musical!
    The first Christmas is sooooo much fun! =)


  5. Mark said:

    It is best to not spend too much money for his first Christmas – he really doesn’t get the “gift getting” idea and many times, other people will be buying him stuff.

    I have been searching the web to find a playset that we had gotten my kids when they were very young, but I cannot find it. It was about 2 feet high and round. They could climb up inside it. It came with a couple of plastic balls that you would put in the top and the balls would go around the thing on little ramps and pop out the outside. My kids loved it, because they could use it to climb on (go from crawl to stand) and watch the balls go around the outside and pop out the bottom. When my kids were too old for it, we donated it to our church. My boys are seven now, but they still go to the church’s nursery to play with the thing!

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