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What are some brand name stores that are having a sale on Black Friday?

hi:) im planning to go shopping on black friday because of all the big sales. Can anyone give me some stores (clothing stores for teens) that are going on sale? & can you give me how much percent off the stuff will be? ty muchies<3

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21 Responses to “What are some brand name stores that are having a sale on Black Friday?”

  1. mexican leona said:


  2. luvinit said:

    Um they all have sales

  3. A K said:

    all of them

  4. princesslineth said:


    50percent off

  5. j c said:

    ur mom

  6. Babysitting G said:

    I have no idea!

  7. 1080 said:

    ummmm…i don’t live in the US, but i’ve been there on holiday during thanksgiving and i soooo love sears lol. I got a $300 pink sapphire and diamond ring for $90. And yeah, all the stores have sales.

    here’s a link you may want to look at and you can even get discount coupons from

    Hyphy, having been a tourist in New York, even I know that it’s called “Black Friday”

  8. Sugarbunnies said:

    every store

  9. paulcondo said:

    Kohl’s thy open at 4 am

  10. hyphy_girl#1 said:

    dont you mean black out stupid

  11. Ted said:

    Kohls, Target etc.

  12. shop2early said:

    Target, Walmart. Macy’s I am sure most if not all of them will have sale. Check out the newspaper, on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I am sure it will be packed with sales papers. Some stores, are open as early as 4 am. Unbelievable.

  13. michelle c said:

    any store..

  14. Meleli said:

    black friday? odd…..

  15. I <3 the Jonas Brothers said:

    old navy
    american eagle

  16. karen! said:

    i work at kohl’s and were open at 4am….INSANE…we have to be in at 3:45am…pray for me…

  17. White-K said:

    kohls sears target and macys will

  18. Meme Care said:

    Every place is having a sale on Friday! Thats why they call it Black Friday!

  19. Jess Jess said:

    go to

  20. Pineapple said:

    department stores like macys, kohls, sears, etc
    discount stores like walmart, target, kmart, etc.
    electronics like best buy, circuit city, etc.

    NOT big chain stores like abercrombie, hollister, bath and body works, banana republic, etc.

  21. Krystal said:

    Don’t go to the stores it’s to crazy you waste hours in line, just shop online, they have the same deals without the crowds, just get the coupons at sites like


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