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What are good valentines day gift ideas that you can make and not have to buy?

I just need some ideas for valentines day. gift ideas that you can make yourself and not have to go out and buy…im a college student so really the only thing i can afford is a card.

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11 Responses to “What are good valentines day gift ideas that you can make and not have to buy?”

  1. Stacey said:
  2. kg3450 said:

    rosees or chocolate

  3. beee :) said:

    If its for your mother, father or significant other, you could always make a coupon book. An example would be for your sig. other likeeee ” One free date on me”, or “one free back rub” something along those lines.

  4. Kyle'sgirl4ever said:

    take a cardboard box and decorate it. then put sweet messages to him or her of what you like about them in it. and some yummy treats
    like brownies
    you’re also reusing at the same time
    i’m doing that for my boyfriend

  5. jclau2318 said:

    i made an abc book for my boyfriend last year he loves it alot

  6. Vi said:

    why don’t you make a little pouch, decorate it, then, put inside a little paper and head it as MASH. MASH is and awesome game. you name the boys or girls (it depends on gender) for example a girl so she names boys. you name cars in one section, pets on one, houses on one and money on one. then think of a number and count down.

    first, lets start with the names of the boys

    RYAN you count a number and go down like andrew is first. you pick 2 it lands on trent. dont look though and test a friend the one it lands on is your future date.

  7. Larkin L said:

    Make a card
    Write a poem
    Laminate a photo for a bookmark or frame a photo

  8. Carly said:

    Make a coupon book and laminate them

    could have some saying, one free massage for 30 mins, or 25 free kisses, One free hugg, One game of sexyy dares,, adventure with cream and chocolatee, and lots moree

    or you could make a little boook and on the front saying 50 reasons why i love you, and then write everything downnnn =)

    could search on internet for ideas xx

  9. amylela said:

    A nice sexy photo of you. Signed with some kind of endearment and in a nice but inexpensive frame.

  10. Jason said:


  11. Mamba said:

    If you have the romantic or feminine partner, give her sentimental stuff like journals with pen set, perfumes, tickets to the special ballet, art show, or theatre performance, a pampering bath and body set, reservations at a fancy fine-dining restaurant, a relaxing out-of-town or out-of-the-country weekend getaway, jewelry like necklaces and earrings, or a designer watch.


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