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What are good halloween costumes that involve wearing a pretty dress?

Okay so my friend and I are wanting some ideas for halloween costumes. I personally would like a costume where I could wear a pretty dress 🙂 And she wants something unique and inventive, not common but edgy. Any ideas? Thank you! God bless 🙂

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11 Responses to “What are good halloween costumes that involve wearing a pretty dress?”

  1. Pedo said:

    Slutty (insert something here).

  2. Chelso said:

    my favorite website for Halloween costumes:

    it has so many different costumes to choose from! i just bough the “hocas pocas witch teen costume” from it.

    im sure you and your friend will both find the perfect costume from that website! have fun!

    hope i helped 🙂

  3. Soloman W said:

    i always go to this website for costume
    coz they offer something unique, and that’s what i want

  4. Rhysjc said:

    Try Lady Gaga. You can find some info about her costumes in the link below 🙂

  5. Ava Appleton said:

    My daughter went as a southern belle once. She had a long, frilly, pink dress with a sun umbrella. So pretty!

  6. Alliyah said:

    buccaneer, maiden

  7. Snehal Lalakia said:
  8. CamelClutchBlogDotCom said:

    Prom Queen, Bride, Prostitute, Politician, Snooki, Cinderella

  9. Brittany said:

    Most fairy tale costumes would involve wearing a pretty dress. You could also be a prom queen, pretty much any celebrity at the VMAs/Emmys/whatever, princess, mother nature (I think that one would be fun if you like earth tones), movie characters like Alice in Wonderland or the Queen of Hearts, or some sort of glamorous witch or vampire.

  10. dietzster said:

    There are some really fun fairy costumes. You could be a good fairy and your friend could be the evil or edgy looking fairy. Also saw a punk fairy costume too. The ones I saw ran $30-$50.

    You could also do a Betty Boop by wearing a red dress and just buying a wig or mask.

    Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy from Oz or even a hippie costume could be a dress and cute.

    Hope that will stimulate your thinking with some ideas.

  11. Stephanie Jane said:

    Check out

    pinkplasticpony does customised jewellery and hair/clothing accessories.
    These little Halloween clips can be worn in your hair, on your bag, shoes, clothes or pretty much WHEREVER you want! 🙂

    The BEST thing is, you can still wear whatever pretty dress you choose, and still make it Halloweenie with one of these!… AND, because they are customised… no-one else will have one, making your costume unique!! 🙂

    Hope that helps 🙂


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