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I HATE Christmas Shopping: do you have inspirational Green gift ideas?

I am usually a list minute shopper because I hate Christmas Shopping. This year I need to shop early. Can you help with Green gift ideas?

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7 Responses to “I HATE Christmas Shopping: do you have inspirational Green gift ideas?”

  1. Ryan said:

    huge fuel guzzling 4×4 truck !!!!!!!

  2. Zee said:

    A great place to buy gifts online is You click on it daily to feed the hungry; it links to 5 other causes (breast cancer, child health, literacy, rainforest, animal rescue) for which you can do the same.

    The “gift shops” on these sites are INCREDIBLE. They have REALLY COOL gift items, most, if not all, fair trade. All or most of the profits from your purchases go to the causes.

    My husband and I stopped buying gifts several years ago. We, and everyone on our lists, have everything we need and much of what we want.

    Instead, we donate what we can afford –
    Food pantry, women’s shelter, homeless shelter,cancer care, humane shelter…
    and Nationally:
    Red Cross, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Habitat for Humanity…

    Wherever the needs seem to be greatest in a particular year. Then we give everybody a Holiday Hug or a phone call and tell them where we contributed this year. Most of our friends and families have begun similar traditions.

  3. davidosterberg1 said:

    Me thinks your brain has turned to compost.

  4. Thomas K said:

    My Dad passed away many years ago. Last year I came across his photo album from his early days.

    Rather than make hard copies of each, I scanned them into my computer, than burned CD’s for each of my siblings. Now,rather than having a box of photos sitting in a closet, they have the option of using a teenage Dad as a screen saver.

    This year I planned on doing his scrapbook in the same manner.

  5. lucy said:

    See for ideas.

  6. Thermoguy said:

    I would give the ones I care for Nikken Magsteps. They are a very uniquely designed static magnetic fieldd placed in a pair of insoles.

    I investigated these insoles expecting to find an inferior design at an inflated price. I was more skeptical when I heard they are a multi level marketing company.

    My background in this investigation is a nationally certification in electrical energy provision. You can’t have electricity without magnetism so I went after them.

    I will send you to a link and please check them out. The insoles cost 50 dollars and last for many years. The link will take you to a study completed by a neurologist where he completed double blind studies on diabetic neuropathy patient. The patients achieved an average of 75% more nerve conduction in 4 months with a corresponding reduction in numbness, tingling and burning in the feet.

    Using the products saved feet, reduced pharmaceutical use and that kept those chemicals from being excreted into our watersheds where they end in our food, water…oceans.

    Enjoy the information, it humbled the hell out of me. My job as an objective professional is to tell the truth and this investigation changed my life. Go to the link and you can see the most advanced thermal imaging in the world used to document any changes in physiology.

    Some people are going to say…I don’t believe in that magnetic crap. What do computers, cellphones, airplanes, radios, television, lights, electricity, microwaves, MRI, x-rays, trains, cars, etc all have in common? They exist by manipulating a magnetic influence to produce that tool. These are a biomedical application.

    For all of the technical people, how significant is 75% more conduction in any electrical application? Environmentally, there are zero side effects.

    Go to

  7. traveler said:

    When I lived in the UK, I loved the Centre for Alternative Technology’s online shop. They have loads of great books, organic gardening equipment, recycling ideas, as well as a gift section which features jewellery and great toys and gadgets

    I have also been looking at the NRDC gift guide


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