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How do you say happy new year in Japanese?

We live in Japan right now and I want to know how to say happy new year to the local people.

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2 Responses to “How do you say happy new year in Japanese?”

  1. Julia Encarnacion said:

    Oshogatsu omedetto gozaimasu …

    To you too … !


  2. Masa said:

    I’m a Japanese high school student.
    (If there is wrong expression, I’m sorry…)

    In the New Year’s day, we say ” a-ke-ma-shi-te o-me-de-to-u go-za-i-ma-su”. I guess you will hear this word everywhere on New Year’s day.
    By the by, we say “yo-i o-to-shi-o” meaning “Have a good year!” on 12/31.
    See you.


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