How do you hang Christmas lights areound the outside of windows?

I’ve hung Christmas lights around my roof with the plastic holders but how can I hang them on the outside of windows without using lots of nails? I rent so I’m not sure that my landlord would appreciate that…
Will duck tape take off the paint when I try to remove it? I live in Southern New Mexico so it doesn’t get cold here. I’m also afraid that it may make the tape residue tacky and it might not come off all the way???

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4 Responses to “How do you hang Christmas lights areound the outside of windows?”

  1. jhunds185 said:

    At your hardware store you can find different colored DUCK TAPE depending on the color of your windows to coordinate with the color. Duck tape is stong and holds up to different kinds of weather (apply to a dry area first). Hope this helps?!

  2. Rhonda said:

    You also can use thumbtacks. The come in a larger size, but they are nothing like a nail. They have a bigger head on them so the wiring can go under the head while you are pushing in the tac.

  3. ♥ LEILANI ♥ said:

    thumb tacks will work but…. i think nails would be the best…. and when you take the lights down just take the nails out too!!! So you have to look very closely to even see that nails were there, if you can see the little holes at all….. :o) good luck!!

  4. louisvilleleopard said:

    You can buy tiny clips at a home improvement store. They come with an adhesive strip that removes when finished without damaging the surface. 3M makes them.


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