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How do people go back to their hotels after the New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square?

I checked several websites about the countdown in Times Square, but they never really mention about “how they go back to their home/hotel” after the event.
The bus and subway around there are working on New Year’s Eve? Is it possible to get a taxi?
I need to figure it out so I can book a hotel.
I really appriciate it If any of you could give me some information.
Thank you!

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3 Responses to “How do people go back to their hotels after the New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square?”

  1. Robert J said:

    They walk or take the subway. It is virtually impossible to get a taxi near Times Square on New Years Eve. Wear some walking shoes.

  2. LewAR26502 said:

    If you can get a hotel near Times Square that would be great, but awfully expensive. People generally either walk back to hotels or take the subways which are running, but will be jammed packed.

    The best thing to do if you have to take the subway would be to walk around a bit first and let the first waves of people get onto the subways, they may be a bit less crowded later.

    You can also walk down to Greenwich Village and hit a few bars which will be open until 4 AM.

  3. Allee K said:

    The subways that run through Time Square will be on rush hour schedules for New Year’s Eve, or you can walk like most people. It will be impossible to get a cab, even if you try to walk as far as 20 blocks away… so if your hotel can be reached by walking for under an hour (which should be in most cases), wear some sneaks and walk! If it’s way downtown or way uptown or in another borough, wait it out in the subway – it shouldn’t be too long of a wait, just very crowded (and sometimes smelly)!


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