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How do people celebrate chinese new year?

I’m just curious.
Even though, I’m chinese, chinese new year, is just like a average,ordinary day for me.
All, my chinese friends get a red packet with money varying from 100 dollars-3000 dollars. (I don’t get a penny)
anyway, do people go to festivals?
what exactly do they do on chinese new year?

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3 Responses to “How do people celebrate chinese new year?”

  1. Ailani said:

    They go to festivals in chinatown and watch performances. Or they go to dimsum, and hang out with familys. P.S during chinese new year you are not supposed to buy new clothes for a week :[ But anyways, you cook a nice dinner and thats about it. It is pretty much like an ordinary day, but in your heart you know it is chinese new years and that is why people are so excited. Only married couples give out money, and only kids recieves it . Its like exchanging money, you give them $30 to their children and they give you back the same.

  2. peanutss said:

    personally i feel that chinese new year is a great way for relatives to get together. on the eve of chinese new year there’s a reunion dinner where the family is supposed to get together and sit down for a meal.

    the next day people go visiting at each other’s place with 2 mandarin oranges. i suppose they are a sign of wishing each other prosperity and well being for the year. red packets are given by the married elders to those who are not married.

    oh and chinese new year is also associated with eating because there are a bunch of chinese new year goodies usually only available in that period of time, like pineapple tarts and sliced barbecue pork

  3. thundersplash102 said:

    Basically the idea is to have a night with your entire family and I mean entire family. You stay till midnight and then you eat dumplings and you go to sleep. People in China watch Chinese New Year Night Show what ever you call it. And yeah most people get money. From your parents and both grandparents. In CHina students and other people get to have a winter break of 1 months but that doesn’t happen here so yeah that’s the general idea


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