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How do I say happy new year to a chinese person or an east asian?

I have some friends on facebook and I want to leave a greeting saying happy new year.

Would I say “Happy Chinese New Year”? Or just “Happy New Year”? Or is there another way to say it in properly?

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7 Responses to “How do I say happy new year to a chinese person or an east asian?”

  1. CrazyChick said:

    My grandparents go to a Chinese New Years party every year (friends of theirs are Chinese), and I’ve only ever heard them say “Happy New Year.”

    If you want, do it Dear Abby style: she’ll specify who the holiday is for, so for Passover, for example, she’ll say “To all my Jewish readers, I want to say “Shalom!” and have a wonderful Passover!”

  2. Hayden said:

    I really would just appreciate it if someone not Asian just said “Happy Chinese New Year” in English. No offense, but unless you’ve studied it, you’ll say it wrong and hardly make any sense. Plus, it’s different in every language. Just Chinese had two main dialects, saying things completely different.

    EDIT: sorry, i feel like an idiot, skimmed your question xD.
    But my answer is same, just say happy chinese new year.

  3. DRL said:

    I’m Chinese…albeit, a “banana”…. but we always said,
    “Gung Yi Fa Choi” (Cantonese)…Mandarin is similar but slightly different accents and pronounciations….

    …OR how about “¡Año Nuevo chino feliz! “???

  4. sunshinegirl93534 said:

    U can say in Mandarin “Xin Nian Kuai Le” , in Cantonese “Gong Xi Fa Cai” or just in English “Happy Chinese New Year.”

  5. Diane B said:

    Gung Hey Fat Choy

  6. Roar said:

    In Mandarin” Xian Nian Kuai Le!!! ” In Cantonese “Gong Hay Fat Choy!!!” I’m Asian and i prefer it when people who aren’t Asian or haven’t studied Chinese to just say Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  7. Samuel Gladue said:

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