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Does anybody know where I can find good halloween costumes?

Im 16 and have been searching the web for good halloween costumes. I thought of throwing a halloween party and want a good costume. I either want a Power Ranger Costume, Kool-Aid Man, or Hitler Costume. I cant seem to find any of these and am wondering where in the world i could find one on the internet.

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10 Responses to “Does anybody know where I can find good halloween costumes?”

  1. big gurls said:
  2. smitty said:

    on racine&randoph in chicago

  3. nimo22 said:

    Or make your own, that’s what I always did and they always turned out great, you just have to get creative.

  4. Cara O said:

    Be hitler. You can find a suit at a good will, and buy a fake mustache and wig at Party City. You could also make your own natzi flag and carry it around or something

  5. Samantha S said:

    try E-bay or Party city online

    i’m getting mine @ party city and its for Halloween and a Halloween Dance @ my school.

  6. dyanalokz said:

    why don”t you make one up yourself find things from trift store and use your imagination

  7. audrey s said:

    the costume shop, ehrles, top hat magic shop

  8. Ginger/Virginia said:

    One of the funniest costumes I saw was a teenager coming to my door in a raincoat. He had bare legs and I suspected the worst when he said, “Lady, are you ready for this?” Then he whipped open his raincoat. Under it, he was wearing a pair of jean shorts and strapped around his waist was a flashing light. Very funny.

  9. miz*india <3 said:

    sorry, why the hell do u want 2 be Hitler??? whatever, you could try a Halloween Store…or just get creative…

  10. GG Flower said:

    Try the and click on the kids costumes link You should find what you want there!


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