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Do Black Friday deals last longer than just on Black friday?

Do black Friday deals last longer than just on Friday? I don’t have anytime to go visit the stores before or on this Friday and I am wondering if the deals will still last for a few additional days after. The store im interested in is Best Buy.
Additional: Specificially im interested in an Xbox 360 Pro as a gift. Bestbuy has it for $299 + 2 video games.

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5 Responses to “Do Black Friday deals last longer than just on Black friday?”

  1. mymomwon'tleavemealone said:

    to be honest i don’t really know about best buy. However, i do work part-time at target and I know that our deals last for two days after thanksgiving. The deals are usually at it’s best on black friday, but they do still have pretty decent ones on saturday.

  2. slycye99 said:

    maybe… some stores are already having “black friday” sales and many will have more similar sales as christmas gets closer. with the economy being bad right now many stores haven’t made the sales or profits they normally would so most are expected to run these sales alot until the end of the year. Also many great deals can be had online with out the need to stand in line for hours just to buy an $8 alarm clock and some crappy $3 movies…. CYBER MONDAY ALL THE ONLINE DEALS ARE NEXT MONDAY…

  3. Regall L said:

    Black Friday at
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  4. r_ddr said:

    some Yes!
    actually there is cyber monday that has awesome deals online, the monday after black friday
    check this one out:

  5. couponsforelectronics said:

    I would guess that the Best Buy deal lasts until Monday. Their offers generally last three days. I would not fret though – there are many xbox offers going down this weekend and many you can get online. The Best Buy xbox offer is not listed yet online but it may be. They may run out instore though as they often have a limit per store.

    I would not worry either way – you can get the same deal online today at – search for xbox 360 pro holiday bundle and there will be better deals online at other retailers.


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