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Black Friday Walmart Deals The Best?

I’m debating whether I am going to Best Buy to check out the Black Friday deals there, or if I should stick with Wal-Mart. Where should I go in the morning?

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2 Responses to “Black Friday Walmart Deals The Best?”

  1. Tolassa said:

    I have done a lot of reaserch and i found out that walmart has less hasslle and Best buy is more caotic

  2. Info Geek said:

    John why would you want to go out to Wal-Mart to Black Friday this year? You do realize that someone died at a Wal-mart last year because they got trampled to death! If I were you, I would do your shopping online. Check out the top Christmas gifts at They can guide you to the hottest Christmas gifts this year, and from there you can do all of your shopping online without having to leave your house and deal with all of the crowds!


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