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Any good halloween costumes theme for boy and girl?

Any good halloween costumes for my 20 month old boy and 3 month old girl? I want to do something simple to make. Any cute suggestions?

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8 Responses to “Any good halloween costumes theme for boy and girl?”

  1. wbfd22 said:

    It would be cute to dress them up as a a couple.

    Cat & Mouse
    Mickey & Minnie Mouse
    Dog & Cat
    Cowboy & Cowgirl
    Tortouise & Hare
    Batman & Robin
    Crayola Crayons

    Have fun with it. I’m sure they will look amazingly adorable!!

  2. indef said:

    a teddy bear costume for the 20 month old and a princess costume for the 3 month old girl

  3. hayleyyyxxx said:

    fairy for your 3 month old girl and maybe a cute little elf or pixie for your boy. Both really cute and kind of matching too 🙂

  4. sherbear6505 said:

    mickey and minnie
    pooh and tigger

  5. artckt said:

    Peter Pan and tiny little Tinker Bell would be perfect!

  6. Hi T said:

    Hmm if you are a christian do not celebrate halloween – it is totally against the Triune God

  7. rissalovex95 said:

    Santa and Mrs. Clause
    Salt and Pepper
    Wilma and Fred Flinstone
    Mustard and Ketchup
    Minnie and Mickey mouse
    Donald and Daisy Duck
    Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

  8. jp said:

    There is a new site that just went online last week called Cheap Halloween Costumes. Even if you plan to make their costumes, there are plenty of cute ideas for babies and toddlers on this site. The site has costume ideas for the whole family. Here’s the web address:


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