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would like to start a special family tradition for Thanksgiving ?

my sisters and i grew up in different husband and i moved away when we were first married .this will be our first Thanksgiving with both his family and my sisters and their families .they are all coming to our home this yr .i would love to have something for us all to do together.kind of bring our 2 families together …i was thinking i could ask everyone to help put up and decorate our tree .any other ideas ?

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3 Responses to “would like to start a special family tradition for Thanksgiving ?”

  1. harpertara said :

    How about a ‘giving basket’ where everyone brings a non-perishable food item that can then be donated to your local Food Bank? Your idea of the tree thing is good, but go one step further and have each family bring a special ornament for the tree. When you take the tree down, make sure you put those ornaments in a special place and bring them again next year to whoever is hosting Thanksgiving to put on That tree, and to add any others that might become appropriate (say for a new member, etc.)

  2. maylene1852 said :

    you could do something like using a plain tablecloth and have everyone write on it….every year add to it…

    we do a thanksgiving tree centerpeice. i put a branch in a vase with dirt to look like a tree trunk then everyone writes what their thankful for on a leaf and stick it on.

    watch a thanksgiving movie and string popcorn for tree

  3. Wagen Load Productions said :

    We like to go to church services to give thanks to God. Maybe you can listen to hymns, or songs that give thanks, or read a poem, or a special Thanksgiving story. Also, I liked the answer below to bring some canned food that you can deliver later to a food bank.


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