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Would it be weird if I got Christmas gifts for my brothers friends?

I’ve known these guys for 4 (in one case 1) years. I even go so far as to call them my unofficially unadopted kinda sorta not really but yeah brothers. They talk to me sometimes and my mom says they call me their sister when I’m not around. One of them might be moving in with us soon. Anyway, would it be weird if I got them gifts for Christmas, and if it wouldn’t be weird, what should I get them? Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Would it be weird if I got Christmas gifts for my brothers friends?”

  1. Seth Emerson said:

    if you’re good friends with them it would be find but don’t spend too much money on them

  2. Taylor said:

    if you are pretty close, it wouldn’t be weird. but if you’re not really that close it might kinda be. if you get them anything, don’t spend too much. especially incase they don’t get you anything. then they will feel awkward you got them something and they didn’t get you anything. i would say maybe just get them a card and maybe those small christmas stockings stuffed with some things. don’t go too big, though.

  3. Danielle R said:

    Buying them gifts might come across as weird.

    But making (or buying and then claiming you made) cookies or some other form of festive food which can be gifted is probably OK. This way you gave them something, which indicates you think of them, but doesn’t make you seem like a creeper because what you gave them doesn’t demonstrate an over-abundance of premeditation.

  4. drscience said:

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