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Will there be deals as good as Black Friday later on laptops?

I’m hoping to spend about $750. I can get what I want for that on Fri, but I just don’t quite have the money yet, will be getting about what I need for Xmas. Will I be shooting myself in the foot by waiting, or will there be plenty of after Xmas deals rivaling Black Friday? I can always get a payday loan or something if i have to, but I’d rather not.

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3 Responses to “Will there be deals as good as Black Friday later on laptops?”

  1. Brutally Honest said:

    Black Friday to be honest is overhyped, if you especially looked at the previous years the deals have been complete crap. You can easily get a deal comparable to Black Friday or better, just need to shop around and know what your looking for.

  2. David R said:

    it depends on how things sell before x mas> a throw of the dice

  3. Joe said:


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