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Will the Thai New Year make it difficult to travel or book hotels?

My girlfriend and I are going to Thailand and Vietnam in April and coincidentally are arriving in Bangkok just before the Thai New Year. We had intended on spending a few days in the city before heading off for a short stay in Ko Samet before returning to Bangkok to fly to Hanoi. We have never been to Thailand before and would like to know if anyone has experience of travelling or arranging accommodation during this period that they could let us know.


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6 Responses to “Will the Thai New Year make it difficult to travel or book hotels?”

  1. scottie322 said :

    It will not be difficult but could be expensive. You have plenty of time to sort out your accommodation now – why not do it online.
    A good site at good rates is which is for all types of budgets.
    For information on getting from Bangkok to Rayong ( then ferry to Samet ) go to which gives timetables and prices. ( Click on transportation , coach , bangkok to rayong cost 155 Baht single per person approx 3 hr journey )
    Samet is a very nice Island and a nice place to relax but avoid weekends as gets very busy.
    If you have not already booked your flight to Hanoi check out for good rates.

  2. ,., said :

    You should have no problems with transportation during this period, however be prepared for some New Years celebrations like getting very wet. During the New Years carry your wallet, and mobile in a plastic bag and don’t wear a watch unless it’s waterproof.

    Hotels in Bangkok will not be a problem either, however, resorts in Koh Semed may be. I tried to book during New Years a few years ago and couldn’t find a place online that wasn’t booked already. This is only during those few days during the holiday. But also keep in mind that the Thai schools are closed during April so more Thais will be on vacation and they do like to go to Koh Semed.

  3. KGP said :

    Hi I have been to Thailand during Songkran ( Thai new year ) . You would be in BKK would actually be a bit quiet because all the Thais return to their hometowns in the rural areas .However taxi etc are still operating so don’t worry . The peak would be the 13-15 when everyone starts to come back if you want to book after 15th there wont be a problem indeed . Just book your flights to Hanoi if you have firmed up plans as i only fear the tours companies would be closed till the 15 th

    Airasia flies Bangkok to Hanoi and the trick to get cheap flights is to book early so do that now ! You can take Bangkok and Samet on a play by ear basis

  4. Gerald J said :

    It can be a terrible time to travel within Thailand, depending on which days you travel, the buses, trains and flights can be fully booked as many people return to their home cities and villages for the holiday, and many others will travel to places like Koh Samet for the holiday. You can always take a taxi to Rayong for the ferry ride to Samet, probably for around 2000 Baht each way if other transportation is hard to get.

    I would book your accomodation in Koh Samet as soon as possible, Bangkok should be no problem getting a room as it seems like about half the people in the city leave during the Songkran Holiday. Book your flights well in advance too, for best prices and flight availability.

  5. spanky said :

    YES!! There will be issues. I agree that Bkk will be quieter as far as traffic and accomodaions should not be a problem there. However, you have to realize that millions and millions of Thai will be leaving the city for the holday. Any means of public transport will be fully booked. If you have a reservation in Samet then the worst that could happen is that you will have to take a taxi to the ferry from Bkk which will likely cost 3000 baht or so – abt $100.

    Agoda is good for booking hotels at a saving.

  6. Mark Thailand said :

    been in bkk a few times in April at thai new year if you are there you are going to get water thrown on you 😉 Most thais willl go home up country to be with there families so its not really a problem for hotels I never found it difficult
    Go to its the best for hotels and bookings If you can afford to book early then do that Look at surkuhmvit and Siam as the main tourist areas that are easy to get around using the BTS
    if you need more help drop me an email at [email protected] I will send you some info I put togetther for newbies to Thailand
    Always helps if you give your age range and what you want to do etc
    The guys in here are the best so ask anything you need to know they will help you out
    take care 😉


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