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Will the Jonas Brothers be performing in New York before the new year?

I know the Jonas Brothers are finishing up their Burnin’ Up tour. The next few dates of the tour are not in my area. Does anyone know if the Jonas Brothers are defiantly performing in New York before the new year? Or at least they most likely will?

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12 Responses to “Will the Jonas Brothers be performing in New York before the new year?”

  1. Blondebabie said :

    They were in New York yesterday at the New York State Fair

  2. ja133 said :

    last year they performed so it’s possible theyll do it again but who knows.

  3. ♥ BRiANA ♥ said :

    yea they most likely will

  4. if i had a name it would go here said :

    there were here already
    jones beach
    and some other place

  5. Janel F said :

    I hope so! It’s very likely! Maybe the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or New years Eve in Times Square.

  6. nicola.louise_x said :

    they are in new york on the 5th november.

  7. Samantha R said :

    Hey, yes they are if you check their myspace on the 8th of november they have a date for new york go check it out maybe itll help and find you tickets 🙂

  8. said :

    cheack their website, duhh

  9. Kcat all the way baby said :

    I don’t belive so. This fall they are starting shooting for their t.v. show J.O.N.A.S. so they will be pretty busy up until the premier this spring. But they probably will be in the parades. No real preformance unless it’s with a t.v. show. A normal concert, not likely.

  10. •°o.O FuTuRe mRs. JoNaS O.o°• said :
  11. meggie said :

    the jobros are going to b in new york november 8th on nbc…i myself am looking for tickets but cannot findthem to the show 🙁

  12. GetLike Jonas! said :

    yeah, probably

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