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Will packages shipped on January 31st be affected by the Chinese New Year?

I bought a package from Hong Kong on the 28th and it was shipped on the 31st. I was wondering if the Chinese New year would delay my package by about a week, the duration of the holiday — or if the only affected packages are ones ordered from the 3rd-9th. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Will packages shipped on January 31st be affected by the Chinese New Year?”

  1. Christdog said :

    yes people just blow off work so they can celebrate their customs do not worry it will come sooner or later but it will come if it doesnt call the company

  2. Suri Bie said :

    I don’t think so. Chinese people work almost everyday. Post offices run on Sundays too. Your package might be delayed on the 4th, Feb but it would go on after that day. Oh wait, Fed 4th… your package was already en route, it wouldn’t stop moving on an airplane or sth. Wish you luck.

  3. ANDREW C said :

    I presumed your package was shipped out of HK on Jan 31, which is before the CNY.If the package did ship out that day, it won’t effect or delay. To my understanding, most Postal workers stop work on the night of chinese new year eve(Feb 2), Since CNY is on Feb 3, in this case, if it is really being shipped on Jan 31,(Please contact the shipper or check on your receipt) to find out the ship out date will help in your inquiries.

  4. Sharda Kennealy said :

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