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Why does the activity of Chinese 50 centers increase significantly in the months leading to Chinese New Year?

I have found it a recurrent pattern that the activities of Chinese 50 centers undergo a great surge in the months leading to Chinese New Year. Is this because they want to enough a large number of 50 cents for the expenses that they are likely to incur during the Chinese New Year?

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5 Responses to “Why does the activity of Chinese 50 centers increase significantly in the months leading to Chinese New Year?”

  1. I have a banana up my ******** said :

    If this so-called 50_centers are paid, see ling below, then they would be paid a bonus at the start of the Chinese New Year as with workers in China. So in general the nearer it becomes to the Chinese New Year, Chinese workers will work harder to impress their bosses so that the time it comes for the New Year bonus to be paid that it will be a high one.

  2. dog lover said :

    If more patriotic Chinese people are found increase around Chinese New Year time, it is obvious that the festival reminds Chinese people of who they are and how their ancestors were bullied by evil foreigners, and they know its the time for them, being Chinese, to get together to support their great country moving forward to become a real SUPER power of the world.

    Because of that, all the patriotic sentiments go up to the roof.

  3. me no eat your cat said :

    We are awaiting bonuses with Hong Bao. lol

  4. longliveabcdefg said :

    I guess this applies to every job not only 50 centers because employers and bosses tend to review and evaluate performances during year ends thus deciding if those employed would still stay on the job or get any pay raise and bonuses. Year end surges are not uncommon.

  5. han said :

    do you not know
    inflation is very big problem in Communist regime China right now
    inflation is highest in 2 years in China;_ylt=ArogSYYlLE_cTy.tMQZI_vZSDX1G;_ylv=3?qid=20101210192235AArOyB8
    everything is very expensive
    50 cents is worthless now
    so 50 center must make more 50 cents to make the 50 cents


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