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Why do I always feel uneasy around New Year?

Almost everyone wishes others a HAPPY New Year. People, in general, have an optimistic outlook for the coming year with all its new opportunities. However, I always feel apprehensive this time of year and think that the new year will be filled with unforeseen snags, troubles and ills. I’m always feeling like there is some impending doom on the way. Why do I feel this way and how can I snap out of it?

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4 Responses to “Why do I always feel uneasy around New Year?”

  1. Essence said :

    There’s a reason it is called “SAD”. This is a phenomenon called “Seasonal Adjustment Disorder” (SAD). It is really small time in the psychological community and goes away with time.

    Some hypothesize that it is due to the shorter days and the body missing sunlight.

    I just chalk it up to seasonal blues. Wait for spring and you’ll be full of the whole “spring is in the air” feelings of euphoria. Hang in there!

  2. Ahmad Sea said :

    don’t be all negative
    forget ur problems and try to have fun
    go to a peaceful place where u can feel better like ur happy place or something
    nothing even worth worrying about,after all we all will die someday but we usually don’t give a shit about it so forget ur pain and look for salvation knowing that the only way to get it is by giving it to ur self
    always love and respect ur self
    all the best

  3. Tks said :

    You probably feel this way because you know, it is going to be a new year. Maybe you feel you have not dome everything you could have, or you forgot to do something, or didn’t achieve a goal, something you feel you have not fully completed.
    This is probably why you feel this way, you are apprehensive because you feel you have not finished something within the year yet, thus, explaining why you dont want it to be a new year.

    A good way to NOT think about this, is to just relax. Set a main goal, or goals, to help focus your attention away from the constant thinking of the new year. Think about or plan out what you are going to di in the new year, what is your resolition? Maybe you are planning a vacation? perhaps a dream goal you’re going to work and look forward too? Try not to focus on the past year, after all the present is what matters ^^
    Good luck, and hope this helps :]

  4. Iasa Tiku said :

    Our ancestors were long ago hunters and gatherers and winter time meant slim pickings and miserable conditions to endure. A lot of people probably died WAY back when and only the strong survived to see the spring. I think some things get encoded in our collective DNA. Just as some people pack on a few extra pounds in the winter too, probably a leftover survival mechanism. Also, if that theory doesn’t sit well with you, there is also the fact that dysfunctional families and bad memories tend to congregate during the “holidays” and the pressure to be fake and merry in the face of bad or traumatic memories is too much for some. A lot of people commit suicide over the holiday season.


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