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why are some MMA fighters looking forward to New Year in Japan?

whats in Japan in the New Year for MMA? I read an article a while ago that Fedor is going to Japan this New Year, as do other MMA stars. Is it a Wrestlemania type of thing? How come the rest of the world doesnt know it? Even UFC stars gets to fight there (Cro-Cop, Rampage etc)? And I thought Pride is no longer promoting, then who is promoting the New Year Bash?

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4 Responses to “why are some MMA fighters looking forward to New Year in Japan?”

  1. dundokid43210 said:

    I believe both Dream and Sengoku are having big New Years show. Fedor always fight in Japan on their new years, its like a tradition.

    And they have big tournaments around New Years too which is always exciting

  2. guthix rules sara said:

    Japan flies in top name guys and pays them a bunch
    This helps promote THEIR camp

  3. Common said:

    Japan has a long standing tradition of putting on super fights on New Year’s Eve. Historically, its been one of the highest rated shows in Japan all year long. Now that Pride is dead and the scraps have been sold to the UFC, the other promotions: DREAM and Sengoku are promoting New Year’s shows.

    And just to be clear, nobody who is currently under contract to the UFC will be fighting there. The UFC is very strict on controlling their fighters and does not allow them to fight for other promotions. So no Rampage this year although he has fought there in years past. You may see Cro Cop since he is no longer under UFC contract.

  4. callsignfuzzy said:

    I think Dream is, maybe World Victory Road and K-1 as well. New Years is the traditional time to put on one more big show.

    Crocop is no longer a UFC fighter. I doubt Rampage is going to fight there. The UFC is having their own show near the end of the year, and I think that’s when Rampage might be fighting.


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