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Which christmas movie should my family and I watch tonight?

Ok, so I’m super excited for Christmas, and I’m really into the whole Christmas spirit stuff, so last night I had this awesome idea to watch a different Christmas-themed movie leading up until Christmas eve. Wow, I say Christmas a lot. So anyway, last night we watched Kristmas with the Kranks, so I’m stuck on The Nightmare before Christmas and Home Alone? Or any other ideas for cool holiday movies?
Thank you and happy holidays!

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12 Responses to “Which christmas movie should my family and I watch tonight?”

  1. PAL said:

    The Muppet Christmas Carol (I’m not joking)

  2. Washlyn96 said:

    It’s a Wonderful Life

  3. JamesK said:

    a christmas story

  4. Utah But I'm Taller said:

    fx will be playing deck the halls several times this week. it’s really funny.

  5. ripriles said:

    How about
    The santa claus
    The santa claus 2
    The santa claus 3
    Surviving Christmas
    Look who’s talking now
    Jingle all the way
    Santa claus the movie
    deck the halls
    Fred Claus
    Bad santa

  6. Cookie D'oh said:

    Christmas Story

  7. George said:

    You can watch it in 1080p HD quality for free here:


  8. Rsr said:

    Download favorite Movies:

  9. Jesssicaa318 said:

    CHRISTMAS VACATION———————————-by far my favorite christmas movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also love The Santa Clause

  10. Tazz said:

    A Christmas Story 🙂

  11. Barney said:

    Christmas do over was very funny to me =D

  12. Michele said:

    Since you asked – our family recently found a new movie that just came out last month on DVD & is an awesome film for the whole family. Homeless for the Holidays came out late last month on DVD & is a great faith based film. To break up the monotony of the classics, this is an awesome family film that relates to all of us today. Nearly losing it all, an executive must take a job at a burger joint to help his family survive near the holiday season. Definitely worth checking out & great for a family movie night or holiday film night! Enjoy!


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