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Where should I donate to help kids have a Christmas?

As it is nearing the Christmas season, I realize that alot of parents out there can barely afford to pay the bills, let alone scape up some money to buy their kids Christmas presents.
I am 16, and I come from a good family, and make good money. But for some reason this made me sad knowing that kids out there will be sad on Christmas. Where can I donate some money to help them?

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3 Responses to “Where should I donate to help kids have a Christmas?”

  1. itsallgood said:

    A local church should have something called an “Angel Tree” where you can select a child or two to help.

  2. jcravens42 said:

    Many communities of faith — church, temple, mosque, etc. — have programs to help families in need. Contact a few in your neighborhood and see which you feel most comfortable giving to. You can also call your local United Way, and tell them you want to donate to a program that helps families in need at this time of year — this organization can put you in touch with an agency that does such (you can donate directly to the organization; you don’t have to donate through the United Way). Finally, visit VolunteerMatch and see if there are any organizations in your area that are posting volunteering opportunities and serve families in need; you can contact such directly and tell them you want to donate to their efforts.

  3. Jebaraj said:

    Hey here is an opportunity for you to gift missionaries’ children in India. I belong to a mission organisation called Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship. WHy dont you think of helping their kids. Their monthly support is just $100. Why dont you think of giving $50 to each child ( you may decide on how many children) This might be the greatest gift that they ever received. you may contact me at [email protected]


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