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Where is the best place to celebrate New Year in Singapore?

I’ll be visiting Singapore with my family over the New Year and we want to celebrate New Year’s Eve the best way while there. I’ve only heard of the New Year Countdown at Marina Bay (Esplanade) but i hear it will be too crowded. Please take into account that we will be travelling with 2 kids aged 3 & 5.

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11 Responses to “Where is the best place to celebrate New Year in Singapore?”

  1. PoshBerries said:

    You must DEFINITELY come to Chinatown in Singapore. It is the ONLY place in Singapore whereby all the chinese decorations are held. There will also be great fireworks in this place on the New Year’s Eve. All the chinese people will come here and mingle in the crowd. And the countdown only starts in Chinatown and with big party going on the night. Especially on the eve, there will be the most crowd because of the final countdown as well as grabbing great new year’s stuffs & goodies at a low price! Sales & bargains begin the whole night while stocks end.

    Other places with fireworks will be The Esplanade and Marina Square.

  2. Adam said:

    I think Sentosa Island would be a great place to go for New Year’s Eve.

  3. morrey2510405 said:


  4. hoouuugggggggg265032 said:

    bird park

  5. akio00270444400 said:

    Old Airport road food center

  6. a akio00271004458 said:


  7. bibi272bibi45285652 said:

    bird park

  8. thooooooo27300457 said:

    my home

  9. lee2744745 said:

    in church

  10. son2750 said:


  11. mcalsitair2597845878458785 said:



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