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Where can my boyfriend and I take an overnight trip to on Thanksgiving day?

My boyfriend’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, so instead of doing the family thing we’ve decided to take an overnight trip somewhere. We live in Los Angeles so we want to stay somewhere semi-close so we don’t waste too much time driving. Considering that most things will be closed on thanksgiving day, we want to stay somewhere that we can enjoy just hanging out in the room with a nice view. Anyone have any ideas?

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One Response to “Where can my boyfriend and I take an overnight trip to on Thanksgiving day?”

  1. Muppet said:

    When I first moved here I went to Santa Barbara with my parents on Thanksgiving. It was nice because everything was empty. There were some restaurants open and, of course, the bars were open. People like to get away from their family on holidays it seems. The mission in Santa Barbara was open and completely empty of people except for a homeless man that followed me around trying to show me lingerie ad pics of women. My parents still think that is funny….
    The weather was gorgeous and the drive was nice because the roads were empty. Most hotel restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving.


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