Where can I find Cyber Monday deals and are they actually any good?

Are there going to be any good Cyber monday deals? Are they really just like 15% off stuff you don’t want? Where can I find what deals will be offered?

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4 Responses to “Where can I find Cyber Monday deals and are they actually any good?”

  1. Cindy H said:

    Online Store Coupon has cyber monday deals. New deals will be added the closer to the time.

  2. Ryan S said:

    Walmart got a headstart and started their cyber monday sales today and they last all week I think. You can check out walmarts sales at the top of the page of the link below. Happy shopping.

  3. ishopper said:

    Here’s an article with some good links…


  4. how-the-west-was-won said:

    I found deals and cash back on the site Ebates, just name brand retailers. I found something legitimate and I’m pretty happy with it. Discounts are posted on the site starting at 10:00 a.m. pac. Its a secure site that gives you Cash Back, major retailers are affiliated. If you sign up Ebates gives us both $5 bonus. URL
    http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?id=33870726 (no credit card info is taken) shameless plug, I’ve earned $100.00 back. Good luck, just a good guy


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