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Where can I find a Christmas tree for a good price?

My boyfriend and I have moved to our fourth apartment and we’ve always wanted to get a Christmas tree, but procrastinated for so long. Lol. This season, we’re planning on getting one–but we’re not going to spend much on it since we have other important things to pay for.

Where can we find a good Christmas tree for under $100? (Preferably 7 feet tall. )


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4 Responses to “Where can I find a Christmas tree for a good price?”

  1. JaPiiNK said :

    hOme DepOt

  2. C said :

    If you want a real Christmas tree I would consider going to a Christmas tree farm and cutting your own (really cheap compared to getting one that’s already cut and delivered to a local grocery store.) If you are looking for an artificial tree you can try Hobby Lobby (usually have sales) and the trees are really pretty and uniique. If all else fails you can go to Walmart for either a fake or a real. My family lives in Colorado and this year we are paying $10 for a permit to go and cut our own (any size) in a designated area of the forest.

  3. Mana said :

    Try this site have a Decorations Christmas Tree.

    Hope this help.

  4. hortmom121 said :

    I’d recommend a Christmas tree farm, where you can very likely have an enjoyable outing filled with holiday spirit, too! Check out the National Christmas Tree Association’s web site for one near you:

    Good luck, and happy holidays!


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